News 30 Nov 2010

Racing: MA reveals changes to the Junior Coaching Program

Motorcycling Australia has announced changes to the Junior Coaching Program (JCP) coming into effect for 2011.

Following broad consultation with key stakeholders, MA conducted an extensive review into the JCP and Kick Start programs during 2010.

Whilst the initial five hours of coaching, the Kick Start program, will remain in place unchanged, there will be a change to the annual requirements to satisfy the JCP.

Previously, the JCP has required a minimum of five hours of annual coaching for a Junior licence holder to renew their competition licence.

As of 1 January 2011, Juniors will instead be required to undertake an annual competency assessment by an accredited motorcycle sport coach each year until they reach the age of 16.

Designed to reduce the cost and time burden of obtaining the annual coaching, the new system will allow Junior riders to progress through an assessment process at a speed which matches their capabilities, whilst ensuring that riders who need additional tuition do not fall through the cracks.

MA’s national director of coaching Stephen Gall believes the changes to the JCP will be welcomed by parents, coaches and riders alike.

“While the Kick Start program is providing a solid foundation of coaching for first time Junior licence applicants, the changes to the JCP intend to take the emphasis away from ‘hours’, and towards defined competencies.

“The riders and their parents will be able to see the skills the coach is both teaching and assessing and these competencies will be reassessed as the rider moves to larger capacity motorcycles.”

All current Junior competition licence holders will receive a pack in the mail in the coming weeks which will include their new JCP logbook and an explanation of the changes in greater detail.