News 1 Dec 2010

Oz RR: Kiwis set to invade Barry Sheene Festival of Speed

Robbie Phillis and Warwick Nowland do battle at last year's Festival of Speed.

Robbie Phillis and Warwick Nowland do battle at last year's Festival of Speed.

With the advent of the ‘Trans-Tasman Challenge’ at this year’s Barry Sheene Festival of Speed Memorial Meeting, the Historic Racing Calendar is in for a big shake-up at Eastern Creek Raceway on 1-3 April 2011.

With just on 40 machines booked to travel across the Tasman, the annual event hasn’t seen this type of interest since the heyday of Jim Clark, the Geoghan brothers, Chris Amon and the F500 Tasman series of the 70s.

“In those days, we ended up with champions coming from all over the world to compete, and we reckon this new program will bring renewed interest in our sport,” commented PCRA organiser Peter Macmillan.

“There’s a healthy rivalry between the nations, and we look forward to taking the Kiwis on!”

Last year’s program at the Barry Sheene Festival saw some awesome events with people like Robbie Phillis, Warwick Nowland and Leo Cash banging fairings in some very close racing on the big bikes, with Doug Chivas, Shane Souter and others battling close in the Sidecars.

”It’s not everyday that we get to see these guys having a go,” Macmillan said. “So, it’s a real thrill to hear and see them banging around an iconic circuit like Eastern Creek”.

This year’s event will not only feature exceptional racing of some fabulous bikes and riders. But, for the first time will have Club and Trade displays, as well as a Show and Shine for the visitor’s enjoyment, right in the pits, at the side of the circuit.

“One of the benefits of Historic Racing events is that spectators can access the pit area and see their favorites and their bikes up close, which is something no longer available at higher profile racing events these days,” added Macmillan.

“This provides a real opportunity for dads and granddads to show their young ones where it all began.”

And now, with a container load of New Zealanders ready come and have a go on Australian soil, the 2011 Barry Sheene Festival of Speed Trans-Tasman Challenge shapes up to be a real winner all round for everybody.

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