News 6 Dec 2010

Oz SX: Larsen accepts defeat following tough season finale

American PJ Larsen finished second in the Super X Lites title for 2010. Image: Sport The Library.

American PJ Larsen finished second in the Super X Lites title for 2010. Image: Sport The Library.

JDR Motorex KTM’s PJ Larsen has graciously accepted defeat after the Super X Lites category went down to the wire in Brisbane’s Australasian Supercross Championship last Saturday night in Brisbane.

Contested in treacherous muddy conditions, American Larsen was forced out of final number one of three on the night when he crashed at the start of the race, suffering an injury to his wrist in the process.

The 20-year-old current Australian Pro Lites MX Nationals Champion bounced back to take second in final two, setting up an all-out battle for the title as he and arch-rival Matt Moss entered final number three tied on points.

Larsen and Moss battled hard in the last six-lap final of the night, however it was Moss who managed to cross the line in second ahead of third placed Larsen, forcing him to settle for the runner-up position in the series and fifth overall on the night.

“It was a tough night,” Larsen reflected. “After my crash in the first final I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish the night out, but I went and saw RACESAFE and they said we should be okay.

“I was tied going into the final race with Matt Moss but he ended up getting it, so congratulations to him.

“It was a good night to come out after the complications we had to finish second overall and I really have to thank JDR Motorex KTM for all their support while I’ve been out here in Australia.”

Teammate Ryan Marmont finished seventh in Brisbane, sealing third in the series to assist in JDR Motorex KTM’s Teams championship victory in the Lites category. Marmont scored 4-9-10 results in Brisbane.

“What a tough night – the track was really, really difficult,” Marmont said.

“Some sections of the track wore down to the wood floorboards beneath the dirt and they were like ice. I got third overall in the championship so I’m stoked with that – happy to put the JDR Motorex KTM up on the podium.”

KTM also scored runner-up in the Manufacturers point standings in the Lites category for 2010 with a host of riders impressing aboard the 2011 model KTM 250 SX-F.

Team manager Jay Rynenberg was disappointed with losing the riders’ championship, however also pleased to have both riders on the overall podium.

“Both of our guys finished on the podium overall in the Lites and that’s a good outcome,” Rynenberg said.

“We’re all here to win and that’s what we want to do, but coming second and third was a good result for the riders and also for KTM – it shows just how good the 2011 models are.

“Losing the title in the last moto of a mud race is tough, but we will keep our chins up high and hopefully come back stringer to win next year.”

Three-time Lites champion Moss will now switch from Suzuki to KTM for the 2011 season in a move announced late last month.

Update: Lites season standings now under review… click here for details.