News 10 Feb 2011

Yamaha revamps junior motocross program for 2011

Yamaha has launched a revised junior motocross program for this season.

Yamaha has launched a revised junior motocross program for this season.

Yamaha Motor Australia has announced it will revamp its junior development program for 2011, launching the newly-formed Yamaha Junior Racing (YJR) teams.

Formerly known as Yamaha Junior Development Team, Yamaha’s junior motocross support will maintain the best management, team infrastructure and advice Yamaha can provide for their future motocross stars.

Across five states Yamaha will again support and develop future motorcycle racing talent with their Yamaha Junior Racing Program. It is still the largest network of support in junior racing and unmatched by other manufacturers.

Since its nationwide inception in 2006, Yamaha has unearthed some of Australia’s fastest rising stars of motocross and the trend is set to continue this season with a revamped effort from Yamaha Motor Australia and each of its state branches.

“Junior development is a very important part of any sport,” commented Yamaha motorsport manager Ray Howard. “They are the future life line and at Yamaha we take a very pro active role in developing young riders and placing them in the best surroundings possible for their racing future.

“Each state has its own team and team manager and therefore a more hands on approach are given to the riders and their families. Our state managers are ex-professional riders and experienced coaches that are dedicated to the success of the riders and teams.”

The 2011 lineup is as follows:

Yamaha Junior Racing – Western Australia
Team Manager: Peter Strickland
Riders: Matt Fabry YZ 85cc / Shelley Connor YZ 125/ Kyle Webster YZ250F/ Jayden Rykers YZ250F

Yamaha Junior Racing – South Australia
Team Manager: Shane Metcalfe
Riders: Oscar MauleYZ85 SW / Izak Maule YZ125 / Damon Hill YZ250F- YZ125

Yamaha Junior Racing – Victoria
Team Manager: Ross Beaton
Riders: Matt Hopkins- Talty YZ85-YZ125 /Joel Milesevic YZ 125 /Billy Jackson YZ250F

Yamaha Junior Racing – New South Wales
Team Manager: Shane Booth
Riders: Jordan Bissaker YZ 144-YZ250F /Mackenzie Tricker YZ 250F /Brendon Walther YZ 85

Yamaha Junior Racing – Queensland
Team Manager: Scott Bishop
Riders: Joel Dinsdale YZ250F – YZ125 / Wilson Todd YZ85 -YZ125.

All teams will compete in a range of local and state based events before converging on Murray Bridge in South Australia for the 2011 Australian Junior Motocross Championships later in the year.