News 10 Jun 2011

Stoner and Dovizioso try out Red Bull F1 simulator on the way to Silverstone

Stoner and Dovizioso were excited about their Red Bull F1 experience.

Stoner and Dovizioso were excited about their Red Bull F1 experience.

Repsol Honda riders Casey Stoner and Andrea Dovizioso visited the Red Bull Racing facilities in Milton Keynes on their way to Silverstone where this weekend they will return to track for the sixth round of the MotoGP World Championship.

Stoner and Dovizioso enjoyed an extensive tour of the Red Bull F1 factory and an exclusive behind the scenes view of how the current F1 World Champions operate.

They also had the opportunity to test the F1 Simulator that Red Bull F1 pilots Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber use throughout the year to prepare for races.

“The whole day has been amazing, to learn how much technology is used in F1 and see it first hand is spectacular. When I watch the F1 races now I’m going to know a little more about what’s going on behind the scenes and understand what the drivers are going through,” Stoner commented.

“My time on the simulator was something special, to understand how late they can actually brake was something remarkable to experience and I guess it’s as close as I’ll ever get to feeling that. I’d like to thank all the guys at Red Bull, it’s been an unbelievable day and something I’d love to do again for sure”.

Dovizioso echoed the same feelings on the day at Red Bull F1.

“Today has been something very special, you can’t imagine how many people are working towards winning the race, to ensure everything is perfect and to develop things for the F1 car. With my experience on bikes, I feel you can develop many things but with the car it seems there is no limit,” the Italian explained.

“The simulator was very difficult, I expected more movement but easier. When I saw the lap time it wasn’t so nice to see! The braking in corner entry is very strange to get used to, something I didn’t expect. I made 15 laps but it was difficult to try and improve because it was something almost beyond the limit!”

The Repsol Honda riders will hope their form this weekend at Silverstone this weekend is a touch faster than their efforts in the F1 simulator!