News 17 Aug 2011

Lorenzo and Spies speak out about all-new 1000cc Yamaha

Ben Spies only completed limited laps on the new 1000cc due to a trapped nerve.

Ben Spies only completed limited laps on the new 1000cc due to a trapped nerve.

Yamaha Factory Racing riders Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies completed a successful test today at the Brno circuit in the Czech Republic, splitting time between the current 800cc YZR-M1 and the all-new 2012 model 1000cc.

The riders spent some time testing updates to the 2011 YZR-M1, including engine and electronics upgrades and different chassis and fairing parts. Having completed this they were then both given the opportunity to take their first ride on the prototype 2012 1000cc race bike.

Spies and Lorenzo were very quickly up to an impressive pace on the new bike, Spies wrapping up with a fastest lap time of 1:56.306 on the 1000cc bike as the third fastest rider of the day.

Teammate Lorenzo clearly enjoyed his time aboard the new machine, clocking an impressive lap time of 1:56.253 to finish as the second fastest rider of the day. Reigning world champion Lorenzo completed an impressive 58 laps on the 800cc YZR-M1 before switching to add another 28 laps on the 2012 1000cc bike.

“Today has been an exciting and busy day because it has been the first day riding the 1000cc bike, but also because we have made a small step with the engine upgrades for the 800cc bike,” Lorenzo said. “We rode many laps non-stop from nine this morning to five this afternoon!

“I realised the 1000cc bike was incredible when I saw the power on the straight. I like this bike a lot and I wanted to have more laps but I have to still think about this season! I have been just one hour with our future bike.

“I can say that the next MotoGP season will be amazing, much more power, you go out of the corners sliding – I can’t wait!”

Spies completed all testing in the morning session, giving his trapped nerve issue from the weekend a chance to rest. He completed 15 laps on the 800cc YZR-M1 and 14 laps on the 2012 1000cc prototype.

“The 800cc upgrades we tested this morning were positive, hopefully there’s more in that direction in the future as well,” Spies said. “With the 1000cc bike it was a pretty successful first day. We didn’t change much on it, pretty much just rolled out and did some laps to get as much data as possible.

“We made some small changes to see how differently it affected the bike compared to the 800.There’s more improvements to be made for sure but for the first day to go faster than the 800 was a surprise.

“My arm is feeling better and better, I’m getting a check up when I fly home to the U.S. on Wednesday but should be fit and ready for Indianapolis.”

The test marked Yamaha’s official debut with the 2012 model 1000cc bike.