News 5 Oct 2011

Honda offering deals on entry-level motorcycles ahead of summer


Summer is just around the corner and Honda is offering great deals on selected entry- level motorcycles and scooters between now and 31 December, 2011.

Beat the traffic, save on fuel prices, switch to two wheels and receive $250 HondaDollars* on all Lead100, Today50 scooters and $200 HondaDollars on all VTR250 and VT400 motorcycles.

Finance your new entry-level model through Honda Finance** and receive a BONUS $200 HondaDollars on VTR250 or VT400 and a BONUS $250 HondaDollars on Lead100 or Today50 scooters.

HondaDollars can be used in the dealership in a variety of ways at the time of purchase, either towards the purchase price, for accessories or for servicing.

It’s a Honda and like all motorcycles and scooters in the Honda range, these models are strong and dependable with easy handling making certain they are perfect for first time riders.

The Lead100 and Today50 offer a unique combination of style, practicality and economy and are ideal for commuter travel.

Powered by a reliable, fuel efficient four-stroke engine and silky smooth V-Matic automatic transmission with electric start these scooters offer excellent ergonomics for rider comfort as well as spacious storage capacity.

The VT400’s big-bike styling offers bullet-style mufflers, classic valanced fenders, spoked wheels and plenty of chrome while its reliable liquid cooled, 398cc four-stroke engine delivers smooth power. This cruiser also provides outstanding fuel economy and lower emissions, using the latest fuel injection technology.

Riders of all levels are attracted to the VTR250 for its light, compact chassis and easy handling characteristics. Its sports-inspired performance makes it a fun and satisfying ride, whilst its low, comfortable seat creates a confident riding position for riders of all proportions.

Offer available until 31 December, 2011.