News 23 Nov 2011

Racers celebrated at Australian Superbike Championship Awards Night

Glenn Allerton is the 2011 QBE Australian Superbike Champion for BMW on the S 1000 RR.

Glenn Allerton is the 2011 QBE Australian Superbike Champion for BMW on the S 1000 RR.

2011’s national road racing champions were crowned as a tight-knit community of riders, teams, sponsors and media gathered at the QBE Australian Superbike Championships’ presentation at Studio 3 in Crown Casino on Monday night.

The ‘Night of Champions’ was a chance to reflect upon the competition and more importantly, the camaraderie that the industry enjoys.

The gala evening opened with a special performance by Shannon Noll before the accolades flowed for each individual class.

Australian Motorcycle World Champion Wayne Gardner and late motorcycle journalist Ken Wootton were honoured with lifetime achievement awards for their services to the sport.

This year three memorial awards were presented in honour of the sport’s fallen heroes.

The Judd Greedy Memorial Award for Privateer Supersport, presented by Julie Greedy and Tracy Osterfield, was awarded to Aaron Gobert.

The Kirk McCarthy Memorial Award, presented by Phil Tainton, was awarded to Nicholas Waters while the Reece Bancell Memorial Award presented by Jill and David Bancell was awarded to Michael Lockhart.

For the second year, Hidden Valley Raceway won the Event of the Year Award, and the award for Best Presented Team was won by the i-Style Natural Aprilia Team.

Josh Waters received the inaugural Australian Motorcycle News Ken Wootton Rider of the Year, the Suzuki rider acknowledging he was honoured to be the first person to win the award.

“It was a big surprise to be awarded the AMCN Ken Wootton Rider of the year, I never thought I would win it,” said Waters.

“It has been a great year and my competitors have done a great job.

“Ken contributed so much to Aussie racers and he will never be replaced. I am honoured to be the first person to win this award.”

QBE Australian Superbike Champion Glenn Allerton was officially crowned and was also the deserving winner of Australian Motorcycle News Australian Superbike Privateer Cup

“The venue and set up was fantastic and it was a great presentation,” said Allerton.

“I am really happy to take out the championship for the BMW Procon Maxima team.

“It wasn’t the best way to finish the year due to injury but I am excited to win for a new manufacturer. I look forward to wearing number 1 plate next year.”

While many of the award recipients are rising stars of the sport, the series also bid farewell to retiring racer Craig Coxhell who finished runner-up in the Australian Motorcycle News Australian Superbike Privateer Cup.

“It was a really good night and had such a good turnout,” Coxhell acknowledged.

“Everyone at GAS Honda had a great time and I was over the moon that I was able to speak onstage and have the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone.”

Linden Magee swept the Australian Prostock awards finishing 1st in the Dunlop Australian Prostock C&D Championship, 1st in the Honda Australian Prostock Challenge and 2nd in Honda Australian Prostock Championship

“It was a really successful night and I had a great time. It was pretty good to receive awards for all three classes. I exceeded my expectations.

“Thanks to IEG for putting together such a great night and a great year.”

Yarrive Konsky, Managing Director of the International Entertainment Group, promoters of the Australian Superbike Championship, congratulated the attending community on a successful year on and off the track.

“2011 saw the Australian Superbike Championships take another step forward and we were privileged to be able to witness our world-class racers do battle,” said Konsky.

“Our riders and teams have shown skill and professionalism, while retaining that Aussie brand of sportsmanship that endears us to so many.

“We recognise the efforts of all involve, and particularly thank the partners as without them this year would not have been possible.

“Planning is underway to make 2012 an even bigger and better year for the Australian Superbike Championships.”

Individual rider and Team Awards:
Motul Austlralian Superlites Championship (125GP and 250 Combined)
1. Joshua Hook, 303 points

2. Nicky Diles, 218
3. Tom Hatton, 184

QBE Australian Superstock Manufacturers Cup

Suzuki Australian Superstock Championship
1. Michael Jones, 279 points

2. Daniel Falzon, 266

3. Mark Wilkinson, 227

Yamaha Australian Supermoto S1 Championship
1. Ross Taylor, 177 points

2. Peter Smith, 170

3. Tom Gardiner, 140

Yamaha Australian Supermoto S2 Championship
1. Angus Reekie, 177 points
2. Beau Laing, 168

3. Rowan Tegart, 157

Yamaha Australian Supermoto RR Championship
1. Shaun Geronimi, 147 points

2. Ross Gurd, 110
3. Ross Taylor, 73

Dunlop Australian Prostock C&D Championship
1. Linden Magee, 241 points
2. Matthew Walters, 221

3. Scott Yates, 189

QBE Australian Prostock C&D Manufacturers Cup

Honda Australian Prostock Challenge (2+4 Rounds)
1. Linden Magee, 163 points
2. Brodie Waters, 143
3. Brett Kitchin, 108

Honda Australia Prostock Championship
1. Cru Halliday, 266 points

2. Linden Magee, 203

3. John Ross, 175

Event of the year
Hidden Valley, Northern Territory

Australian Motorcycle News Best Presented Team of the Year
The i-Style Natural Aprilia Team

Australian Motorcycle News Australian Ken Wootton Rider of the Year (voted by the riders & teams)
Josh Waters

Australia Motorcycle News Australian Supersport Privateer Cup
1. Aaron Gobert, 184 points

2. Christian Casella, 175
3. Mitchell Carr, 174

QBE Australian Supersport Manufacturers Cup

QBE Australian Supersport Championship
1. Kevin Curtain, 187 points
2. Brodie Waters, 180

3. Aaron Gobert, 160

Australian Motorcycle News Australian Superbike Privateer Cup
1. Glenn Allerton, 368 points
2. Craig Coxhell, 286
3. Ben Attard, 241

QBE Australian Superbike Manufacturers Cup

QBE Australian Superbike Championship
1. Glenn Allerton, 327 points
2. Jamie Stauffer, 259
3. Troy Herfoss, 257