News 5 Dec 2011

HART Brisbane sets a guaranteed price for Q-Ride courses

HART Brisbane has announced a guaranteed price for their Q-Ride training courses ensuring novice riders will never be sprung with unexpected costs while getting their motorcycle license.

Learn to Ride at HART Brisbane this summer and rest assured HART will offer its state of the art motorcycle rider training at a cost of no more than $595 regardless of the number of lessons taken.

Every novice rider asks themselves three questions when planning their Q-Ride training; how long will it take? How much will it cost? And how good is the training?

HART can’t answer the first question as it is HART’s mission to train riders to the highest possible level, however HART can answer the second question, with the new price guarantee of no more than $595 launched by HART Brisbane, learner riders can take as many lessons as needed to complete the Q-Ride training.

Queensland HART boasts state of the art facilities with a purpose built range, modern training rooms and a riding simulator to improve rider’s hazard perception.

Q-Ride is a Road Safety Initiative of the Queensland Transport and HART Brisbane is an approved registered service provider for Q- Ride training.

Let HART train you to be the safest rider you can be without the pressure of costs.

For more information or to make a booking at HART call (07) 3341 5657.