News 6 Dec 2011

Honda Certified Technician Program awarded by AITD in 2011

The Honda Certified Technician Program (HCT) was awarded a nomination as a finalist in the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s (AITD) National Training Excellence Awards 2011 for the category ‘Best Implementation of a Blended Learning Solution’.

The AITD National Training Excellence Awards recognise outstanding excellence in learning and development and in organisational development.

The AITD judges examined all the entries against the criteria and considered Honda MPE’s HCT Program entry to show a high standard of quality, and the program was presented with an award for outstanding contribution to the practice of learning and development.

The Honda Certified Technician (HCT) program is a Honda MPE technical training course designed for Motorcycle, Power Equipment and Marine technicians within the Honda Australia National dealer network.

HCT training covers all facets of repair and diagnostic procedures, and comprises of three levels of competency delivered by face to face ‘hands-on’ training and a component of computer based e-Learning.

Victor Colcott, General Manager, Customer Service was thrilled with the finalist nomination. “Becoming a finalist in the AITD is a great achievement for the HCT team and one that we can be very proud of.

“After years of hard work and dedication this recognition is timely testament to Honda’s commitment to excellence in service to support a quality dealer network

“The blended learning solution namely the online component of Honda technical training means that we now have the enormous capacity to reach each and every dealer location across our vast land, regardless of size or product type.

“This is cutting edge technology matched with industry leading training” said Colcott.

Keith Lewis, Motorcycle Technical Training Coordinator and John Mesger-Schofield, Marine Technical Training Officer, attended the awards ceremony in Sydney and accepted the award on behalf of the HCT Program.

Keith Lewis was honoured to be one of the representatives accepting the award; “It is great that the AITD run these awards as they are a great way for us to benchmark our activities.”

Lewis, who has been involved in the HCT program since its development in 2008 went on to say, “I would also like to take this opportunity thank all of the people involved in creating the HCT program.

“It’s been a large project with a lot of time and effort expended by a small but dedicated team that I’m proud to be a part of.”

John Mesger-Schofield believes the nomination is a huge stride forward for Honda in Australia.

“This achievement demonstrates Honda’s determination to raise the profile of people development and training to the highest levels. I am honoured to be involved and proud to be a part of the team that strove to make this happen” said John Mesger-Schofield.

Honda Certified Technician Program is available for all Motorcycle, Power Equipment and Marine technicians within the Honda Australia MPE National dealer network. For further information contact HCT on: 03 9270 1152 or email: [email protected]