News 10 Jan 2012

MA Manual of Motorcycle Sport available to download online

The 2012 Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS) is now available to view and download from the Motorcycling Australia (MA) website at

The manual contains the rules and guidelines for participating in and conducting Motorcycle Sport, and includes the General Competition Rules as well as other relevant information on Motorcycle Sport. The rules are designed to ensure fair and safe competition for all involved.

Rule changes made in the last 12 months have been bolded, and rule deletions made in the last 12 months have been struck through. Any new rule changes come into effect on 1 January 2012.

Also now available to download from the MA website are the revised editions of the Junior Coaching Program Log Book and the Kick Start: Getting Started in Junior Motorcycle Sport booklet.

These booklets have been updated to reflect the changes being introduced to the annual requirements for the Junior Coaching Program (JCP) from 1 January 2012.

Previously, the JCP has required a minimum of five hours of annual coaching for a Junior license holder to renew their competition license.

As of 1 January, Juniors will instead be required to undertake an annual competency assessment by an accredited Motorcycle Sport coach each year until they reach the age of 16, or complete a State Controlling Body permitted Minikhana competition.

Both revised booklets are available for download at and hard copies will be sent by post to Junior riders and Coaches throughout January, along with more detailed information about the new requirements.