News 4 Dec 2014

Motul riders dominate Swann and YMF Loan Series

Motul has continued to showcase its superior product dominance over its rivals.

Team Motul Honda rider Wayne Maxwell has lead Motul to another two Championship crowns, with wins in both the 2014 Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike and the 2014 YMF Loan Yamaha Australian FX Superbike Championships.

Motul has continued to showcase its superior product dominance over its rivals, as its backed riders were nothing short of dominant over the rest of the field in both Superbike Championships.

Each series was run over six rounds across the country, with Motul backed riders filling the top rungs in each set of Championship Standings.

In the 2014 Swann Series, the top-five spots were all taken by riders using Motul onboard, while all eight backed riders earned top-20 finishes.

Maxwell finished the series ahead of podium place-getters Jamie Stauffer and Troy Herfoss (Team Honda) while Glenn Allerton (Dynotech Pirelli BMW) and Josh Hook (Team Honda) finished in fourth and fifth respectively.

Mike Jones (Crazy Dogs Kawasaki) finished the season in ninth spot, which included an impressive finish to the year by winning his first ever Superbike races throughout the final round held at Eastern Creek.

In the 2014 FX Superbike Championship, it was again Maxwell who came out on top, ahead of Herfoss and Jones, with Stauffer making it a top-four whitewash for Motul.

Allerton capped of a consistent year finishing in eighth, up-and-comer Hook ended the series in 11th, while Henry and Beaton made it into the top-20 in 14th and 20th respectively.

With all of the best riders around the country taking part in the one championship, the results were a true indication of a combination of the best riders, best machinery and best performance.

Wayne Maxwell: “One sponsor has been with me the whole time throughout and that’s Motul, so it really is a great honour.

“The confidence in getting on the bike knowing that the oil in the engine and all the other products that are around and on the bike are bullet proof, it gives you that pieces of mind and you just don’t have to worry about it when you are out on the track.”

Troy Herfoss: “I have been involved with Motul for quite a while now and it is a great product. It shows when you have got a four-rider team and four competitive, reliable bikes.

“It’s a credit to them and their product, the results that they have been able to get this year.”

Glenn Allerton: “Our Pirelli Dynotech BMW was supported by Motul, and this year the Motul lubricants did a great job with our bike – our bike never missed a beat.

“This year we’ve gotten the best starts that we’ve ever had, and I put that down to the superiority of the engine oil and helping us get off the line very well. Our bike hasn’t missed a beat all year.”

Mike Jones: “Motul has been a good sponsor of mine this year, and without their help we certainly wouldn’t have been able to achieve the results we have from the beginning to the end of the year.

“Their oils and lubricants have kept our bike working at 100% throughout the year. We use the Motul 300v products, and in terms of engine performance it has increased power and improved longevity of the motor and its componentry.”

Mark Kelly – Link International: “Link International and Motul in conjunction with the teams are extremely proud of the results we have achieved in road racing this year.

“The professional partnerships established with successful teams such as Honda have proven the benefits of using the technologically advanced Motul 300V lubricants.

“Motul 300V Ester Core is able to provide superior performance gains whilst still protecting the engine from the extreme conditions encountered in Australian road racing.”