News 9 Jun 2015

Yudhistira and Fadli share ARRC wins at Sentul

Weekend marred by serious incidents in Indonesia.

Source: ARRC.

Source: ARRC.

Round two of the 2015 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship took place at the Sentul International Circuit in Indonesia from 5-7 June.

The SuperSports 600cc race one was red flagged four laps into the race when Malaysian rider Muhammad Zamri Baba highsided at the exit of turn five, struck by another rider and then immediately sent to the hospital at Sentul City.

Race one resumed with the number of laps reduced to 10. Compatriots Ahmad Yudhistira and M. Fadli Immammuddin duelled for the win, with the chequered flag finally coming down in favour of Manual Tech KYT Kawasaki’s Yudhistira.

Fadli finished second, while Yuki Ito finally managed to claim a podium position at the Sentul Circuit in third place.

Race two of the SuperSports 600cc went the full 16 laps, with M. Fadli Immammuddin winning again, followed by Dimas Ekky Pratama and Ratthapong Wilairot.

However, Jakkrit Sawangswat collided with Fadli after the chequered flag. Both riders suffered multiple injuries and were also sent to the hospital.

Mark Aitchison was top of the Aussies and eighth position in both races, with Michael Blair going 17-DNF, Aaron Morris 18-18 and Callum Spriggs 23-22.

In the 250 Production class Brandon Demmery rode his Yamaha to 19th in the lone completed race of the weekend. The opening leg was earlier abandoned due to an oil spillage.