News 15 Jun 2015

Hayes and Beaubier share Barber MotoAmerica wins

Anthony races to another Supersport top five result.

Source: MotoAmerica.

Source: MotoAmerica.

The Monster Energy/Graves Motorsports Yamaha team continued its domination of the 2015 MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Superbike Championship at Barber Motorsports Park on Sunday, but this time it was Josh Hayes’ turn to steal back some valuable points from his teammate Cameron Beaubier.

With Beaubier crashing out of the lead in race one, Hayes took full advantage to earn maximum points and basically erase the 26-point lead that Beaubier had left Road America with. In race two, Beaubier bounced back to win with Hayes second, but his 26-point lead is now just six points.

Hayes won his fifth Superbike race of the season in race one under a searing heat in Alabama with Beaubier coming back from his race-one crash to win his fifth of the year in race two. The big difference was that Hayes was second and that was the difference maker. Together the pair have won all 10 of the Superbike races.

Yoshimura Suzuki’s Roger Hayden finished second in race one and third in race two of the Triumph Superbike Challenge of Alabama, with his teammate Jake Lewis third in race one and fourth in race two.

In race one, Beaubier crashed out of the lead on the eighth lap, leaving Hayes and Hayden to fight for the win. Although he was close, Hayden couldn’t get past the four-time Superbike champion on the final lap and he came up just 0.397s of a second short at the finish line.

Third place on the track went to the impressive Jake Gagne, the Roadrace Factory rider and his Superstock-class R1 only 2.3 seconds behind and well clear of the second-best Superstock class rider, Taylor Knapp, in the red-flag shortened race.

Lewis ended up fourth overall and third in the Superbike class on the second Yoshimura Suzuki. Turbo Turtle Racing Honda’s Danny Eslick beat Knapp and his TOBC Yamaha R1 for fifth overall, giving him fourth in the Superbike class.

Beaubier was able to rebound from his race-one crash to best Hayes in race two, the 22-year-old besting his veteran teammate by 0.128s of a second. Hayden was third, almost nine seconds back after nipping at the two Yamahas’ heels for most of the 20-lap race.

Gagne was again at the head of the Superstock 1000 class, beating Lewis again for fourth overall. Lewis was fifth overall and fourth in the Superbike class with Aprilia HSBK Racing’s Sheridan Moriais ending up second in the Superstock 1000 class. Eslick again got the better of Knapp for seventh overall with Knapp earning third in Superstock 1000.

After 10 of 18 races, Beaubier leads Hayes by six points, 201-195. Lewis is still third with 145 points, but his teammate Hayden is closing in with 137. Bernat Martinez still holds down fifth in the series with 99 points.

In the Superstock Series, Gagne has 200 points, 44 points clear of Knapp. England’s Mark Heckles is now third in the series after his fourth and fifth-place finishes.

Coming into the 2015 MotoAmerica season JD Beach was hopeful of winning his first career race in the Supersport class. He checked that box at the very first race in Texas and ever since the Yamalube/Y.E.S./Graves Motorsports Yamaha rider has proven to be the man to beat for the championship.

On Saturday in scorching temperatures at Barber Motorsports Park, Beach became the first four-time winner on the season with a narrow victory over his series rival Josh Herrin by just 0.269s of in the first race.

As is the norm, the Supersport final on Sunday was a good old-fashioned dog fight with Beach coming away with a sweep of the two races, again beating Herrin and Latus Motors Triumph’s Bobby Fong in a carbon-copy of Saturday’s race.

Australian David Anthony (M4 Suzuki) had a consistent weekend to hold onto fifth in the Supersport standings, finishing sixth in race one before improving to sixth in the second.

Beach now leads Herrin by 10 points in the Supersport Championship, 190-180. Garrett Gerloff, who finished fourth in both races, is third in the series standings with 150 points.

2015 MotoAmerica Championship
Round five – Barber Motorsport Park

Superbike race one results:
1. Josh Hayes
2. Roger Hayden
3. Jake Lewis
4. Danny Eslick
5. Chris Fillmore
6. Chris Ulrich
7. Elena Myers
8. Bernat Martinez
9. Mathew Orange

Superbike race two results:
1. Cameron Beaubier
2. Josh Hayes
3. Roger Hayden
4. Jake Lewis
5. Danny Eslick
6. Chris Fillmore
7. Chris Ulrich
8. Elena Myers
9. Bernat Martinez
10. Mathew Orange

Superbike championship standings:
1. Cameron Beaubier 201
2. Josh Hayes 195
3. Jake Lewis 145
4. Roger Hayden 137
5. Bernat Martinez 99
6. Elena Myers 87
7. Chris Ulrich 73
8. Danny Eslick 72
9. Chris Fillmore 53
10. Stefano Mesa 35

Supersport race one results:
1. JD Beach
2. Josh Herrin
3. Bobby Fong
4. Garrett Gerloff
5. Tomas Puerta
6. David Anthony (AUS)
7. Cameron Petersen
8. Ben Young
9. Kaleb De Keyrel
10. Hayden Gillim

Supersport race two results:
1. JD Beach
2. Josh Herrin
3. Bobby Fong
4. Garrett Gerloff
5. David Anthony (AUS)
6. Tomas Puerta
7. Cameron Petersen
8. Kyle Wyman
9. Ben Young
10. Hayden Gillim

Supersport championship standings:
1. JD Beach 190
2. Josh Herrin 180
3. Garrett Gerloff 150
4. David Anthony (AUS) 97
5. Tomas Puerta 97
6. Ben Young 86
7. Bobby Fong 78
8. Kyle Wyman 64
9. Cameron Petersen 59
10. Kaleb De Keyrel 48

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