News 28 Jun 2015

Halliday takes Sunday FX-ASC victory in Sydney

Third different winner of 2015 season emerges at round three.

Image: Keith Muir.

Image: Keith Muir.

Cru Halliday has made it a perfect weekend overall at Sydney Motorsport Park’s third round of the 2015 Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike Championship.

The Yamaha Racing Team with Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance rider broke through for a first-career IPONE Superbike class win on Saturday and backed it up with another overall at Eastern Creek this afternoon.

Sean Condon (BikeBiz/Ipone/Swann Insurance Racing Kawasaki) claimed the first Superbike win of the round after powering past Troy Herfoss (Team Honda Racing) in the run to the line and winning by 0.078s.

Third was Halliday, who worked his way forward from the back-half of the top 10, ahead of early leader Glenn Allerton (YRT with YMI) and Wayne Maxwell (YRT with YMI) – also rebounding from a bad start and moving forward in the mid-stages. The top five were separated by 0.942s.

Jamie Stauffer (Team Honda Racing) was down the order in sixth after getting the better of Mike Jones (Cube Racing/Australian Outdoor Living Kawasaki), while a fast-starting Matthew Walters (Kawasaki Connection) eventually dropped to seventh.

A cracking second Superbike race saw Maxwell lead much of the reduced 13-lap duration, however it was Halliday who worked his way through to a brilliant 0.106s victory after taking charge on the penultimate lap.

Behind the YZF-R1Ms in race two was Jones and points leader Herfoss, who muscled the CBR1000RR SP around the back section of the track but ultimately fell short of the podium in the final laps. The top four were separated by just 0.697s.

Walters was in the mix for much of the race before eventually crossing the line fifth, comfortably ahead of Jamie Stauffer and Ben Burke (SA Kawasaki Bcperformance). Glenn Allerton faded to eighth after losing pace in the race’s middle stages with front-end issues.

Overall it was Halliday who claimed his second round victory of the weekend, from Herfoss and Maxwell. Race one winner Condon crashed out of race two at turn three on the opening lap.

“During the middle of race two I got a little bit nervous as Troy and Wayne started to pull away. They were lapping pretty consistent, but then all of a sudden I found form,” Halliday said.

“I don’t know what the go is. I took the lead of the race on the lap that I didn’t want to, as I didn’t want to lead two laps. I wanted to pass Wayne on the main straight and on the last lap.

“When I passed him, I didn’t see the last lap board and thought to myself ‘oh no, how many laps after this?’. I came around the next lap and saw the last lap board. That final lap I just made sure I broke deeper than I did than in the previous races.

“I can’t thank the Yamaha Racing Team with Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance team enough for their hard work they have put in this weekend; this victory is for them!”

In the YRD Supersport ranks it was two-time series champion Rick Olson (Kawasaki Connection) who completed a memorable return to form with a clean-sweep in the closely-contested 600cc category.

Olson picked up the race one win – his third of the weekend – ahead of championship leader Brayden Elliott (Suzuki) by 0.812s and Michael Blair (Yamaha) all within a second in the battle for victory.

Fourth was pole-setter Troy Guenther (Kawasaki) and Callum Spriggs (Yamaha), while Brad Swallow (Kawasaki), Paul Young (Kawasaki), Jay Presepio (Yamaha), Cambridge Olivier (Yamaha) and Jack Baker (Kawasaki) filled the top 10 placings.

Two red flags spelt an early end to the second Supersport race of the round, with Olson credited the race win following four laps in the restart – only half points awarded for the race.

Olson held off Elliott in an entertaining battle, while Guenther crossed the line in third position to complete the podium.

Spriggs improved to fourth this time from Presepio, as Levy, Olivier, Swallow, Mitchell and Thomas Bryden (Yamaha) rounded out the top 10. Blair and Young were two of the major non-finishers this time out.

Olson made it a perfect Sunday with a third race victory in Supersport, proving he is well and truly back with a second overall victory of the weekend.

Olson won by 0.127s ahead of fellow ZX-6R rider Guenther, with Elliott a further half-second in arrears for third this afternoon.

Blair was able to fend off Spriggs for fourth, while Presepio, Levy, Young, Mitchell and Olivier completed the top 10 race finishers. Overall the round belonged to Olson ahead of series leader Elliott and Guenther.

Additional Sunday winners included a dominant Paul Byrne (Formula Oz), Hunter Ford (FX300 Ninja Cup), Angus Reekie (Nakedbikes), Craig McMartin (Pro-Twins) and Darren Wilbow (Formula Xtreme).

2015 Australasian Superbike Championship
Round three – Sydney Motorsport Park, NSW

Superbike overall results:
1. Cru HALLIDAY 45
2. Troy HERFOSS 40
3. Wayne MAXWELL 38
4. Mike JONES 34
5. Glenn ALLERTON 31
6. Jamie STAUFFER 30
7. Matthew WALTERS 29
8. Ben BURKE 26
9. Sean CONDON 25
10. Mathew HARDING 23
11. Evan BYLES 21
12. William DAVIDSON 9

Superbike championship standings:
1. Troy HERFOSS 149
2. Wayne MAXWELL 141
3. Cru HALLIDAY 127
4. Glenn ALLERTON 117
5. Mike JONES 114
6. Sean CONDON 104
7. Matthew WALTERS 91
8. Jamie STAUFFER 91
9. Evan BYLES 68
10. Ben BURKE 67
11. Mathew HARDING 55
12. Linden MAGEE 47
13. Aiden WAGNER 47
14. William DAVIDSON 35
15. Ben HENRY 20
16. Beau BEATON 11

Supersport overall results:
1. Rick OLSON 62.5
2. Brayden ELLIOTT 53
3. Troy GUENTHER 50
4. Callum SPRIGGS 41
5. Michael BLAIR 38
6. Jay PRESEPIO 36
7. Mitch LEVY 30.5
8. Cambridge OLIVIER 30
9. Paul YOUNG 27
10. Luke MITCHELL 25.5

Supersport championship standings:
1. Brayden ELLIOTT 176
2. Troy GUENTHER 155
3. Callum SPRIGGS 153
4. Michael BLAIR 152
5. Jay PRESEPIO 122
6. Paul YOUNG 121
7. Mitch LEVY 120.5
8. Rick OLSON 104.5
9. Cambridge OLIVIER 96
10. Brad SWALLOW 93.5

Formula Oz overall results:
1. Paul BYRNE 62.5
2. Ben HENRY 55
3. Mitch PAYNTER 50
4. Simon GALLOWAY 43
5. Brad SWALLOW 41.5
6. Damian SUTTON 34
7. Albie WHEELER 30
8. Anthony SAAD 27
9. Jason IVKOVIC 25
10. Kieran HURRELL 24.5

Formula Oz championship standings:
1. Paul BYRNE 201.5
2. Simon GALLOWAY 133
3. Ben HENRY 127
4. Mitch PAYNTER 124
5. Jason IVKOVIC 108
6. Damian SUTTON 104
7. Brett KITCHIN 89
8. Darren WILBOW 82
9. Kieran HURRELL 74.5
10. Phil LOVETT 69

Formula Xtreme overall results:
1. Darren WILBOW 72
2. Brendan McINTYRE 64
3. Jason MARTIN 58
4. Glenn BIRCHALL 55
5. Michael WITCHARD 52
6. Dane PURCELL 45
7. Somphot ROESNER 44
8. Eray YUSUF 37
9. Peter STAMOULIS 36
10. Hamish McMURRAY 35

Formula Xtreme championship standings:
1. Brendan McINTYRE 192
2. Jason MARTIN 160.5
3. Michael WITCHARD 158
4. Glenn BIRCHALL 117.5
5. Somphot ROESNER 82
6. Darren WILBOW 72
7. Peter STAMOULIS 62
8. Hamish McMURRAY 59.5
9. Eray YUSUF 59
10. Steve MAHER 54

Pro-Twins/Nakedbike overall results:
1. Craig McMARTIN 75
2. Beau BEATON 62
3. Angus REEKIE 62
4. Mario GONZALEZ 56
5. Paul DUTTON 48
6. James ARNOLD 43
7. Darren JONES 43
8. Adrian PIERPOINT 38
9. Marc BALESTRO 36
10. Kris KEEN 35

Pro-Twins/Nakedbike championship standings:
1. Angus REEKIE 181
2. James ARNOLD 143
3. Darren JONES 135
4. Beau BEATON 131
5. Kris KEEN 119
6. Adrian PIERPOINT 112
7. Mario GONZALEZ 110
8. Paul DUTTON 106
9. Stephen HOPPER 80
10. Craig McMARTIN 75

FX300 Ninja Cup overall results:
1. Hunter FORD 69
2. Paul YOUNG 68
3. Jack DAWES 58
4. Luke BURGESS 52
5. Mitch KAVNEY 48
6. Jason MARTIN 47
7. Ryan MASRI 40
8. Stuart GREEN 34
9. Ben WHITE 31
10. Yannis SHAW 28

FX300 Ninja Cup championship standings:
1. Luke BURGESS 178
2. Jack DAWES 149
3. Paul YOUNG 143
4. Tony JONES 137
5. Ryan MASRI 134
6. Hunter FORD 121
7. Jason MARTIN 114
8. Ben WHITE 91
9. Mitch KAVNEY 89
10. Stuart GREEN 84

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