News 28 Oct 2015

Dunlop to continue as FX-ASC control tyre through 2019

Supersport category returning to slicks for next season.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Australian Road & Track Rider Promotions (ARTRP) has announced that Dunlop will continue as the Australasian Superbike Championship and Australian FX-Superbike Championship series control tyre provider for the next four years through the 2019 season.

The ongoing partnership with Dunlop and the promoter of the FX-based series and classes has been in place since 2007 and has provided not only great stability, but an affordable level tyre playing field platform for all competitors racing in the various control tyre classes.

In that time as Dunlop has been refining the specification of the control tyres, so not only do the tyres wear extremely well and handle repeated heat cycles, but various class lap records keep tumbling as Dunlop brings out new spec tyres most years.

“2016 is shaping up as another big year for the Australasian Superbike Championship series and having Dunlop back as a partner is a great bonus, not only do they provide excellent tyres, but a tyre and fitting service second to none in this country,” said ARTRP managing director Terry O’Neill.

“Dunlop has proven to us over the years that they are serious about not only providing the best tyres, but looking after the competitors which is very important for our series. Our aim is to always to provide the best tyre rules for our series.

“The quality of the Dunlop brand of tyres allows us to have with confidence the very cost effective three sets of tyres rule for the Supersport and Superbike classes along with a two-set tyre rule for the Pro-Twins F1-F2 and Nakedbike F1 classes, this greatly keeps costs down for privateers while providing a level playing field for all racing on control tyres.”

It has also been confirmed that the Supersport will revert to slick tyres from next year onwards, bringing the 600cc category more in line with Moto2 and experience on non-treaded tyres at an elite level.

“We were often asked why we went back to treaded tyres for the Supersport class a couple of years ago when the slicks were so popular. So after much discussion we have decided to once again put the Supersport class back on slicks,” O’Neill added.

“This move takes the FX-based Supersport class closer to the international Moto2 class while not increasing costs for competitors and it also gives those Supersport competitors who intend to eventually move up to Superbike experience on how to set up a bike for slicks and actual racing experience racing on slicks which will greatly assist them if and when they move up.”

Dunlop national motorcycle motorsport manager Sabastian Mincone commented: “Dunlop is very proud of been the tyre supplier of the Australasian Superbike Championship for the next few years. Over the past few years the FX-ASC Series has been a great platform for Dunlop to promote our products and develop new race tyres.”

“We like the race format that brings close racing in every class at every event. The FX-ASC also give us an opportunity to reach all the spectators at the track and on TV. Dunlop also welcomes the return of the Supersport class back on slick tyres.”

For the 2016 season Dunlop will have two front slicks options available: 343 Medium for the Supersport and Pro-Twins 1/2 and Nakedbike classes, as well as a 302 Medium Strong for the Superbikes and one new rear slick in Medium compound for all the classes above.