News 18 Nov 2015

Motorcycling Australia and Motorcycling Victoria on the move

Motorcycling Australia press release:

Motorcycling Victoria and Motorcycling Australia are both making changes to their internal operations, with each organisation relocating its base of operations.

From Friday, November 27, Motorcycling Victoria’s head office will relocate to Broadford’s State Motorcycle Sports Complex at 260 Strath Creek Road, Broadford.

Motorcycling Australia will take up tenancy at the former MV Port Melbourne office, which will happen at the same time in late-November 2015.

MV Staff members will relocate from Port Melbourne to Broadford on Thursday, November 26 though it is important to note that MV’s Customer Service Officer, Hannah Sclarr, will remain at the Port Melbourne office so that Victorian members who live in Melbourne can still come in and apply or renew their MV licences.

MV Management Committee meetings will still take place at Port Melbourne, and MV’s main telephone number (including staff numbers) will not change.

Motorcycling Victoria’s CEO Wayne Holdsworth is excited about the move to Broadford.

“The State Motorcycle Sports Complex has always been the traditional home of motorcycle sport in Victoria, so it’s fitting that we relocate to Broadford,” Wayne said.

MV’s new administration and community building is scheduled for construction sometime in mid-2016.

“It’s an exciting time for all of us at MV as we embark on a new chapter at Broadford,” Wayne added.”

As a result of the move, access to staff will be limited to mobile phones on Thursday, November 26 as IT equipment is moved from site to site.

Speaking about the move from South Melbourne to Port Melbourne, MA CEO Jeremy Kann said that the relocation would be beneficial for all MA staff and stakeholders.

“We are all looking forward to moving across to the Port Melbourne office, as it will allow our staff to service the needs of our stakeholders in a much more user-friendly environment,” he said.

“It continues our recent efforts of making sure we are improving in each area of the organisation, and making the necessary changes as needed to do so.”

MA’s office hours will remain the same from Monday to Friday, 8.45am to 4.45pm.