News 19 Oct 2017

Kabuto Aeroblade 5 helmet to arrive in Australia this November

Japanese manufacturer announce new Aeroblade 5 offering.

Image: Adam Spence (Foremost Media).

Kabuto is set to release its latest Aeroblade 5 helmet to the Australian market this November with multiple updates featured throughout the lightweight design.

Designed to place less force on the head and neck during acceleration and deceleration, the Kabuto Aeroblade 5 helmet will ease the load on riders’ neck and shoulders whilst providing more stable vision.

According to Ryohei Wada of Kabuto’s overseas operation division, the Aeroblade 5 will bring unique features such as four different shells and six sizes to the competitive under $500 price point.

“The concept of this helmet is to have the best comfort helmet for touring or every day use,” Wada told “This is one of the lightest helmets on the market and it’s going to have four shells and six sizes, which is quite unique at this price point.”

Wade also explained that Australian racers such as BCperformance Kawasaki’s Robbie Bugden have played a role in the continued development of the Japanese brand’s extensive range of helmets to date.

“Obviously to get the correct information and data, we’ve been sponsoring quite a lot of top riders here in Australia,” he explained. “They’ve been giving us good information to develop the helmets we have right now.”

The new Kabuto Aeroblade 5 helmet is set to reach Australian shores this November. For more information on the latest Aeroblade 5 model, head to now and additional details are to follow.