News 15 Nov 2017

Virus sidelines Team Suzuki Ecstar during Tuesday testing

Gastro forces Iannone and Rins to sit out day one in Valencia.

Source: Supplied.

Team Suzuki Ecstar has already experienced a less than stellar start to its 2018 preparations, as riders Andrea Iannone and Alex Rins have both contracted a virus, which has forced them to sit out the opening day of the official MotoGP test in Spain.

The pair suffered from what appears to be a gastrointestinal virus, which in turn prevented them from sleeping properly last night. The team is hopeful the duo can recuperate overnight and will be able to ride on day two.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t start the first test of the 2018 season in a good way,” said team manager Davide Brivio. “Last night our riders were suffering the effects of a virus and they couldn’t sleep at all throughout the night. It seems like a gastrointestinal virus, so they were not able to ride today.

“It’s been a pity because we have some things to test, especially the new 2018 engine configuration and an evolution of the chassis we had previously examined during last tests. Hopefully, if they are able to recover well tonight, we will test tomorrow. Thankfully we have three days of testing next week in Jerez where we will have some time to evaluate what we couldn’t here.

“As I said, it’s a shame to be unable to test this first day because we are eager to restart after a difficult season, but in any case we are quite positive for the future.”

While the team has missed an important opening day of testing, it will have three days next week at Jerez to continue its development.