Features 19 Jul 2018

Tech: MV Agusta Smart Clutch System

A closer analysis of the SCS introduced upon MV's Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso.

MV Agusta unveiled a revolutionary new Smart Clutch System (SCS) last month upon the introduction of its Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso, which is world-first in production motorcycles. It is proprietary technology for completely automatic clutch control.

The SCS has been developed in collaboration and synergy with industry-leading technical partner, Rekluse. According to MV, the research, testing and engineering took two years of work in the hands of a dedicated development team.

Initially, the ambitious objective was to improve comfort and riding fluidity, while enhancing the level of performance and sportiness that people expect from every MV Agusta model. At the start of the project, MV analysed the solutions already available on the market and, on the one hand, there are CVT-type systems with their continuous gear variation that’s considered suitable for scooters, but in no way good enough for a sports model like the Turismo Veloce.

Image: Supplied.

On the other hand, double clutch systems are effective, but complex, very heavy and excessively bulky, according to research carried out by the iconic Italian brand. These characteristics are completely at odds with the design choices underpinning the 800cc three-cylinder engine, engineered to be compact and lightweight and part of a motorcycle that is designed to be as light as possible.

The SCS offers riders two choices – to use the clutch in the traditional way by operating the lever on the handlebars (yes, it’s still there!) or hand over complete control of the clutch to the system, so that the rider can concentrate on the road and focus upon the ride.

This automatic system takes nothing away and ensures maximum freedom of choice though, as MV Agusta technology requires perfect integration of the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components. Ensuring perfect engine control is crucial in order to have a better integrated and more efficient automatic clutch system.

As mentioned, the clutch lever can be used at any time, without limitation. The automatic clutch system actually operates in parallel and so there is no need for any prior selection when switching from manual to automatic operation.

The exclusive SCS technology required the development and production of a specific set of clutch plates, with greater friction surface area and special springs. Its original construction is enhanced by another exclusive design feature, being the transparent clutch cover. This too is an absolute world-first for a production motorcycle, says MV. The look is unique, the mechanical component becoming part of the design and the design enhanced by the engineering themes.

Image: Supplied.

Another peculiarity of the new automatic clutch system introduced by MV Agusta is its weight, identical to that of a traditional clutch system. This is a demonstration of how it is possible to obtain efficiency and functionality without loading the vehicle down with unnecessary weight that would limit its dynamic characteristics and thus reduce riding pleasure.

With the SCS system fitted to the Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso, MV Agusta introduced a parking brake to prevent any unwanted movement when the bike is stationary. The automatic clutch does not allow the transmission to remain engaged when the engine is not running, since the parking brake is engaged or disengaged via a lever positioned above that of the rear brake on the right-hand side of the bike. Simple, efficient and lightweight is what the designers were aiming for.

Riding fluidity is greatly improved, especially in traffic or in urban areas where constant variations in speed are normal, or in other situations like narrow and twisty mountain roads, overall performance of the motorcycle is improved thanks to full exploitation of the mechanics and chassis features.

According to the classic acceleration measurement from stationary (0-100 km/h), the new Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS performs like a superbike. Demonstrating its versatility, the SCS system is able to improve rider comfort, reduce stress and enhance performance to the maximum, all at the same time according to MV. The SCS system helps to improve the dynamics of Turismo Veloce, a model that stands out above all for being very easy to drive.