Features 25 Sep 2018

Q&A: Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

What you need to know ahead of this Sunday's sixth DGR.

This Sunday will see the sixth edition of the Sydney-founded Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) take place around the globe, with a number of rides being hosted across Australia. In this edition of Q&A, we answer the questions you need to know ahead of the 30 September event.

dgr australia

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What is The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride?

Introduced in 2012 right here in Sydney, Australia, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a parade held in 650 cities across 95 countries with dapper folk riding classic and vintage styled bikes to raise awareness and funds for charity. The annual ride has grown significantly since its inception, raising over $13-million USD in the process.

Can you ride any style of bike?

No, you can only ride the style of bikes listed in the DGR style guide – so motorcycles such as classics, cafe racers, modern classics, scramblers and sidecars. Not only does this ensure the niche nature of the ride remains, but it’s also to makes the ride more manageable while increasing safety and longevity of the DGR.

What charities does the ride support?

The DGR raises awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health on behalf of The Movember Foundation. It’s not a ride just for men either, as it has many women also dressing dapper for the cause whilst participating upon their motorcycles to support the men in their lives. The Movember Foundation is the leading men’s health charity, funding over 1,200 projects in 21 countries worldwide focused on men’s mental health, suicide prevention, testicular and prostate cancer research and support.

dgr australia

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Where are the rides hosted?

Rides are hosted globally in a number of different cities and towns. Fortunately for Australians, almost every major city in the country will feature a ride this Sunday, along with a good selection of smaller towns hosting the DGR to spread the love around. In fact, you can click here to check out exactly where rides are being hosted and if there is one near you.

How can you register?

By registering on The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride website, you will have the ability to select your local rides and view the ride details. From here, you can share your own personal profile link and ask friends and family to donate. There are a couple of cool prizes up for grabs for the highest fundraisers, so there’s no reason not to give it a good crack.