News 4 Aug 2020

Second surgery for Marquez to replace damaged plate

Repsol Honda rider operated on again following further complications.

Image: Supplied.

MotoGP champion Marc Marquez has had to undergo a second surgery to replace the titanium plate in his broken right arm, which was damaged due to ‘stress accumulation’ and puts him in doubt for Brno this weekend.

After being injured at the opening round, the Repsol Honda rider attempted to ride at Jerez 2, but was forced to withdraw following qualifying on the Saturday afternoon.

“Marc Marquez underwent surgery 13 days ago and today he returned to the operating room,” Dr Xavier Mir commented. “The first operation was successful, what was not expected was that the plate was insufficient. An accumulation of stress in the operated area has caused the plate to suffer some damage, so today the titanium plate has been removed and replaced by a new fixation.

“The rider has not felt pain during this period. He has always followed the medical advice given and the feeling from his body. Unfortunately, an over stress has caused this issue. Now we have to wait 48 hours to understand the recovery time.”

Marquez underwent a second operation on Monday as Dr Mir and his team at the Hospital Universitari Dexeus successfully replaced the titanium plate inserted. The Spaniard will now stay in hospital for 48 hours before being discharged.