News 30 Aug 2022

Morgan Park improvements key for ASBK future in Warwick

Proposal to be put forward to MA outlining venue enhancements.

Image: Foremost Media.

The future of Morgan Park hosting a round of the Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) hangs in the balance of a long-term plan to continue improving the Warwick facility.

Despite its absence in the past two seasons due to the pandemic, Morgan Park has been a regular on the ASBK calendar since 2015 and returned again this year.

The circuit is one of the most physically demanding in Australia with many agreeing its layout is great, while the surface, kerbs, walls and facilities are of concern or need an uplift. It’s understood to attract the biggest crowd for a standalone round of ASBK and is annually the largest motorsport event at the venue.

With the event bringing tangible benefits to the series promoter, Motorcycling Australia (MA) and the Warwick community, MA CEO Peter Doyle met with mayor Richard Edgington on Sunday, 7 August – race day for round five of 2022 ASBK – to discuss the future.

It is understood that a proposal for improvement to the venue is to be put forward to MA and, if the enhancements are deemed suitable to accommodate for premier class Superbike competition, then Warwick will continue to host a round of the championship.

“We had a discussion about the event, they would very much like to have that event continue to come out to Warwick, considering it is the biggest motorsport event at that venue, and what it would bring to the community,” Doyle said to CycleOnline.

“They asked us to provide them with some feedback on the facility and what they should look for to improve the facility and we are going to be providing that feedback over the coming months.

“The bottom line is if there is no long-term plan to continue to improve the facility… there are certain areas that become an issue for bikes, some kerbing, some other bits and pieces – it is getting pretty rough. If their plan is to continue to try and work on those things, then we would be happy to go back.”

Most recently, round five of the 2022 Mi-Bike Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) was contested at Morgan Park, with defending champion Wayne Maxwell taking pole and both superbike race wins.