News 31 Aug 2022

Increased 14-day testing ban ahead of ASBK races next year

Preliminary 2023 regulation updates released with range of changes.

Image: Foremost Media.

A list of updates have been made to the 2023 Mi-Bike Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) regulations, including increasing the pre-event testing ban to 14 days.

In the current ASBK Sporting Regulations, competitors were permitted to practice at the upcoming venue until eight days prior to the first day of on-track activity at each event.

The exception for 2022 was Hidden Valley, with competitors unable to ride at the circuit within 30 days of free practice commencing. While the calendar for next year has not been revealed, the assumption is the 30-day ban would remain in place if the series returns to Darwin.

Among broader changes to the regulations, there will be an introduction of minimum weight for Supersport 300, with the category also to get media grids at select rounds and carbon fibre fairings are banned in the class from next year

Cut slicks will no longer be an option for Supersport or Supersport 300, with competitors only permitted to use full slicks in dry conditions.

New machines have been homologated for Supersport, with the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636) and Honda CBR600R3 available options. Nothing yet is announced about bringing the class in-line with World Supersport, regarding the use of machines such as the Ducati Panigale V2 and Triumph 765 with restrictions to level performance.

A host of other updates were provided, notably surrounding ECUs in Superbike. A full list can be seen below…

Supersport and Supersport 300 – Technical Regulations (slick tyres):
Supersport & Supersport 300 competitors are advised that under dry track conditions the use of slick tyres only will be permitted in 2023.

2023 ASBK Tyre Homologation – Technical Regulations (homologated tyres):
All competitors are advised that ASBK tyre homologation volumes (number of tyres selected by brands) remain unchanged for 2023. Some updates to the ASBK tyre homologation program will occur, but these are effective to the tyre brands and their internal operations.

Pre-event 14-day testing ban – Sporting Regulations:
All competitors are advised of a pre-event 14-day testing ban that will apply to all classes at the circuit where an ASBK round will occur. The 14-day testing ban will apply to any races, testing, ride days or practice days and will see an adjustment to the unofficial practice regulation (regulation 2.6) to reflect 14 days for 2023.

Superbike – Technical Regulations (hoses):
Superbike teams are advised that for 2023 hoses are free for change to aftermarket options. All hoses and fittings are subject to further inspection by the ASBK chief technical officer and his team at any time.

Supersport 300 – Technical Regulations (fairings):
Supersport 300 and riders are advised that carbon fibre fairing are not permitted for the Supersport 300 class in 2023.

Supersport 300 – Technical Regulations (minimum weight):
Supersport 300 teams and riders are advised that the introduction of minimum ‘wet’ combined weight (rider and bike) technical regulation will apply for 2023. Further details of the exact weights and regulation will be announced.

Side numbers – Technical Regulations (numbers):
All competitors are advised that clearly identifiable side numbers will be required for all classes in 2023. Final approval will be made by the ASBK chief technical officer and his team, in consultation with the ASBK chief timekeeper.

Tyres regulation 4.12.7 – Technical Regulations (cut slick tyres):
All competitors are advised of the removal of Technical Regulation 4.12.7 (cut slick tyres) from the 2023 ASBK Sporting Regulations.

Superbike – Technical Regulations (ECU):
Superbike teams are advised of the following updates of the 2023 ASBK Technical Regulations for ECUs in the Superbike class…
– No flashing/reflashing of currently homologated ECUs
– No new OEM ECUs or firmware/software to be approved – 2023 and 2024
– OEM or approved ECUs currently permitted by ASBK remain approved for 2023
– Motec ECU to remain as an approved ECU for ASBK

Judicial Regulations – Breach of Technical Regulations:
ASBK management team is currently reviewing the installation of stronger penalties for ASBK technical regulation breaches in the 2023 ASBK Sporting Regulations.

Supersport 300 – Sporting Regulations (media grids):
Supersport 300 teams and riders are advised of the introduction of a media grid at nominated Supersport 300 races at selected rounds in the 2023 ASBK calendar. Supersport 300 teams and riders will be updated via a pre-event notice and final instruction for that event.

Sporting Regulations – Introduction of LED panels (flag regulations):
All competitors are advised that the use of LED – light flag panels will be permitted as official flag signal – were available at certain circuits and as approved by ASBK race director and ASBK safety officer. The ASBK race director will notify riders via the riders briefing and/or bulletin where applicable.

Supersport – Technical Regulations (new models permitted):
All competitors are advised, in accordance with MA information bulletin #2039 – the approval of the Honda CBR600R3 and Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636) for competition in the Supersport class of the 2023 ASBK championship (see link – homologation of Honda CBR600R3 and Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R).