News 24 Mar 2023

Round one issue 'no dramas' at SMSP for DesmoSport

Pearson and the team looking for an uplift in ASBK qualifying tonight.

Image: Foremost Media.

An issue endured at round one is ‘no dramas’ at Sydney Motorsport Park for DesmoSport Ducati, as the outfit looks ahead to a stronger showing in qualifying tonight at round two of the Mi-Bike Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK).

Sole 2023 rider in the team Broc Pearson indicated he was impacted by an electronic problem at Phillip Island, scoring 10-9-11 finishes to open the season as team co-owner Ben Henry has confirmed that gremlin is not surfacing at the second round.

“That side of it is no dramas, absolutely no problems and in a way we have put a few fail-safes in there to make sure that issue can’t happen again,” Henry explained. “You live and learn, you never stop learning, we just need to keep chipping and we will be fine.

Pearson finished tenth on the combined practice times today in Sydney, his best effort of 1m31.638s over a second from his fastest of 1m30.235s during the pre-season test.

“In short at the moment, we are just trying to get some consistency really,” Henry added. “Just need to keep going around, doing some laps and logging the data that we can log and try and get ourselves moving forward.

“So far, we’ve had a little bit of luck, unfortunately, just strange little things, but sometimes it’s the way it goes. Sometimes when things are rolling good the cards fall your way, and when it’s not, they don’t. Currently, I guess they are not, but it is what it is, we have been doing it long enough, the wheel always turns.

“You never know we might get up in qualifying and everything clicks and we go back and do the same time we did at the test, I don’t know what that will be, probably will be in the top five again.

“It’s not that we can’t do it and it’s not that we haven’t done it previously, it’s just not quite coming together how we would like right now. Sometimes you have just got to go through those bits, and I think it is why the Italians are always so much happier than everyone else when they win, I think they just do it a bit harder [laughs].

“Honestly, I’ve got nothing to stand here and beat my chest about right now, but we will be alright. We will keep chipping, and it will be fine.”