News 18 Jul 2023

MotoGP structure slightly updated with Friday changes

A single premier class session timed for entry into Q2.

Image: Supplied.

The Grand Prix Commission has outlined changes to the structure of Fridays at MotoGP rounds, with now just a single premier class session timed for direct entry into qualifying two.

The first MotoGP outing of a weekend will be named free practice one (FP1) and remain 45 minutes in length, but will no longer be timed for entry into Q2.

The second 60-minute session on Friday will now be referred to as practice and will be the sole session timed for riders to secure a direct spot into the second qualifying session. The 30-minute session on Saturday morning will now be named free practice two, with these changes to become effective immediately at round nine of the 2023 season between 4-6 August at Silverstone.

MotoGP class weekend structure:

• Friday
− Free practice one (FP1): 45 mins
− Practice (PR): 60 mins, timed for entry into Q2
• Saturday
− Free practice one (FP2): 30 mins
− Qualifying one (Q1): 15 mins
− Qualifying two (Q2): 15 mins
− MotoGP Tissot sprint (SPR)
• Sunday
− Warm Up (WUP)
– Race