News 5 Dec 2023

MotoGo extends with Staring through 2024 ASBK season

Contunuity an added strength for WA rider entering next season.

Image: Foremost Media.

Western Australian Bryan Staring will continue with the MotoGo Yamaha team through the 2024 Mi-Bike Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK), marking his second season with the outfit.

Staring, 36, joined MotoGo Yamaha ahead of this year’s series, ultimately concluding the season seventh in the standings after a P7 finish in race one at The Bend, then a DNF in the final encounter.

The former ASBK champion is determined to make further progress in season 2024, after he was a consistent presence around the position five to seven mark throughout his first full campaign back onboard a Yamaha in over a decade. His best result of the year came in race three at Hidden Valley, where he finished P4.

“I couldn’t be happier to stay with the team,” Staring told CycleOnline. “It’s like the first bit of consistency in about… I’ve been three years of swapping and jumping and changing teams [Kawasaki BCperformance 2021, DesmoSport Ducati 2022 and MotoGo Yamaha 2023], which has never been my intention, it’s just how it has worked out.

“To stay with the same guys for a second year in a row is a bit of a delight, really. I think we really as a team, we really need it. We need another year. We didn’t really hit the numbers that we thought we could achieve this year, but for 2024 there is a lot of positives, basically the same core group of guys and we can continue to progress from what we learned this year.

“Ultimately, the goal is to improve our pace and try to be challenging for the podium, rather than sort of where we have been, the sixth, seventh-place mark.”

In addition to continuity with the same team being a boost, Staring and MotoGo will benefit from the added expertise of Glen Baker as they continue down the path of using Motec electronics. The team stayed at The Bend on Monday for a test following the race, determined to put their best foot forward entering 2024.

“We’ve managed to confirm Glen Baker, he has a company called Auto Sport Electronics and he is based here in Perth,” Staring continued. “He is a Motec expert. I have sort of worked with him for very short periods in the past, always with good experiences.

“When we were getting cracking more and more with the Motec, it sort of became evident that we could really do with some expert help, if that person exists.

“In Australia, that’s half the issue, there’s less quality technicians than there are quality riders, so they are so high in demand. It was probably one of the better kept secrets having Glen here in Western Australia, probably not too much of the paddock really know about his skillset.

“It’s another big commitment and investment from the team, and I think it just goes to show basically where Patrick is at, and where the MotoGo team are sort of seeing their future, and what the lengths they are prepared to go to get a result.

“I’m honoured the future of that includes me for next year, and they are serious about developing this motorbike. If you look at the amount of things that are there and who stayed on the day after the end of the season race, to do another day’s testing, you know, it’s pretty serious sort of a test that one, with all things considered at the end of a long year.

“I think that really goes to show the motivation that Patrick has got. I’m really confident that if we keep trying this hard, and we keep learning, there is just no way we are not going to be competitive at some point or another.”

MotoGo Yamaha team owner Patrick Li added: “We had a pretty good season in 2023, for the first year with Bryan in the team. For 2024, we are looking forward to another great year. Also to help our progress moving forward, we transferred from YEC to Motec.

“Our end goal is to win the championship, obviously, we want better results and to try to get a championship. We need to be realistic in the steps, and the first thing is to aim for the podium and then to the championship.”