News 7 May 2024

MotoGP technical regulations overhauled for 2027 season

Reduction to engine capacity amongst several major changes.

Image: Supplied.

A raft of major changes will be introduced to the MotoGP World Championship after the series revealed its overhauled technical regulations that will take effect from the 2027 season, headlined by a reduction in engine capacity.

From 2027, engine capacity in the premier class will be reduced to 850cc from the current 1000cc, while the maximum bore will be reduced to 75mm from 81mm. These changes have also been accompanied by a reduction in engines per rider each season, which will drop to six units from seven.

As part of MotoGP’s transition to 100 percent sustainable fuel from 2027, tank capacity will also reduce to 20 from 22, while only 11 litres will be permitted to be used during Sprint races.

The series is tightening up on aerodynamics in an effort the minimise their negative impacts, with a 50mm reduction in both the width and length of the front fairing, while any aero behind the rider will become part of the homologation process, where teams will only be allowed one update per season.

Ride-height and holeshot devices have been scrapped for 2027, and GPS data from all riders will now be available to all teams after each session in an effort to increase a level playing field.

As the new technical regulations are introduced in season 2027, all manufacturers will commence the year with the same concession ranking (Rank B), which will then be assessed at the mid and post-season to determine who will receive access to more or less concessions.

Image: Supplied.