News 5 May 2009

Shark EvoLine Helmet arrives

Shark's long awaited EvoLine helmet has finally hit Australian shores.

Ficeda press release:

Shark EvoLine

Shark EvoLine

Shark’s long awaited EvoLine helmet has finally hit Australian shores.

This extremely technical and revolutionary helmet has been available for sometime in Europe, where it is the ONLY helmet to achieve the double standard of both an open face and full face helmet!

Ultimate EvoLution – A revolutionary design.

SHARK EvoLine offers high technology and the utmost functionality through simple and trustworthy solutions, while maintaining a perfect aesthetic balance and very high performance in terms of safety.

EvoLine SHARK marks a technical, functional and aesthetic breakthrough. The movement of its unique and patented Tech-Move System chinstrap provides full comfort and optimal safety through its integrated structure. With just one simple, quick movement the chinstrap unlocks, moves to a back position and fits perfectly with the line of the shell.

EvoLine then turns into a jet with a visor that provides maximum protection, an essential bonus. The centrally controlled internal sun visor, the Precise Lock chin strap buckle and lining in treated microfibre producing maximum comfort.

EvoLine, just like the whole SHARK range, has a 5 year warranty, another reason to EvoLve with time !

Sharp Test Results: 4 Stars