Advice 17 Jan 2023

Detailed: Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V4

Fourth-generation sports tyre expresses the pinnacle of brand's DNA.

The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V4 has been unveiled, boasting the highest embodiment of the brand’s sporting DNA with its extremely capable and sporty performance.

Announced in September, the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V4 is manufactured both in the SP version, designed primarily for street use, and in the SC version, available in various compounds for track use.

Diablo Supercorsa V4 (this is the full name, where V4 stands for the fourth series) is an entirely new product compared with its predecessor, the Diablo Supercorsa V3, in terms of tread pattern, compounds, structures, and profiles.

Diablo Supercorsa, in both the SC and the SP versions, is a true concentration of technology capable of providing high performance combined with the highest safety standards thanks to the ability to interact and collaborate closely with the most modern and sophisticated riding assistance systems. It is the result of twenty years of studies, development, and testing of solutions by Pirelli in the FIM Superbike World Championship.

It is a tyre that was also designed with input from former world champions and developed with the support of all the manufacturers and teams that participate in the most important competition for factory derivative bikes. Diablo Supercorsa SC V4, where the abbreviation SC stands for ‘Special Compound’, is the best and fastest treaded track tyre ever made by Pirelli.

Thanks to the various compounds it is available in, Diablo Supercorsa SC V4 is intended for use by both professional and semi-professional riders, as well as by those who are simply track day enthusiasts or riders just starting out in their careers who want to improve performance without making changes to the settings on their bikes. Compared with its V3 predecessor, these are the features and relative benefits for the riders that Diablo Supercorsa SC V4 has to offer:

– Latest generation compounds for outstanding performance and grip.
– Racing structure for better support coming out of corners.
– Racing profiles to the advantage of rideability, line holding, and stability at high speeds.
– Tread pattern with patented flash evolution for smoother power on leans and improved consistency of performance.

In the same way, Diablo Supercorsa SP V4, where the abbreviation SP stands for ‘Sport Production’, is the sportiest tyre ever for street use in the Diablo family. Compared with the SC version, Diablo Supercorsa SP complies with all the regulatory restrictions of the vehicles it can equip – such as, for example, the speed index requirement (W) – and it is less sensitive to temperature, as well as heating up more quickly and providing more mileage due to the compounds.

Image: Supplied.

This tyre is intended for riders who love sport riding not only on the track but on the road as well. This undoubtedly includes owners of supersport street bikes from which the Superbike World Championship bikes are derived, but also track day enthusiasts who want a street-legal tyre so they can ride to the circuit instead of having to load the bike on a trailer and one that will also let them turn laps on the track without having to swap out tyres. The Diablo Supercorsa SP V4 ensures significant benefits for riders:

– Dual compound on both the front and the rear for maximum grip in leans and outstanding thrust coming out of turns, but also adequate mileage.
– Latest generation structures that work in unison with the compounds for optimum performance both on the road and on the track by simply adjusting the pressure.
– Profiles, identical to those of the SC version which ensure a simple ride and maximum reactivity.
– Tread pattern identical to that of the SC with the new flash pattern interrupted at the centre with a slick area for smoother thrust at any lean angle and more consistent
– Both versions share the tread pattern, the profiles, the compounds in part, and some technological solutions in terms of structure.

Looking at the tread pattern, and the interrupted flash design improves water displacement and the area of contact surface with the ground. The slick section where the pattern is interrupted has an impact on the rigidity of the tread, reducing risks of groove deformation, and ensures better thrust at any lean angle.

The direction of the flash pattern on the tread follows the direction of the lateral force experienced in track riding, ensuring more even and consistent performance along with reduced warm-up time.

The first area of the shoulder without grooves guarantees greater contact between rubber and road surface both halfway and all the way into a lean in order to ensure greater grip on turns. The completely slick external area of the shoulder improves thrust at extreme angles.

The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa V4 boasts the same racing profiles, developed in the World Superbike Championship, of the Diablo Superbike slick tyre and the other fourth-generation hypersport tyres in the Pirelli range.

Multi-radius profiles for abrupt direction changes, whereas the slick shoulder area provides high grip and outstanding line holding on corners. The profile of the front improves handling, enticing the rider to lean into corners earlier, facilitating quick direction changes. It also provides exceptional stability thanks to the extended contact area in the leaning stage. The rear follows the same pattern and similar geometry to the front in order to ensure synchronised performance of the set.

In the Diablo Supercorsa SP V4, the tyre bead is designed to provide maximum performance both with tyre pressure on the road and with track use pressure (33 psi front / 30 psi rear with hot tyres). It is precisely the possibility of decreasing tyre pressure for track sessions that sets Diablo Supercorsa SP V4 clearly apart from the other tyres in the Pirelli hypersport range.

Image: Supplied.

The SC version shares with the Diablo Superbike slick both structure and material which are able to ensure top performance and greater ease of riding with the use of specific pressures for the track.

Compared with its V3 predecessor, the new V4 uses new materials, such as wider section structural cords made up of a high number of textile fibres braided together to give the tyre greater rigidity combined with better shock-absorbing capabilities.

In the SP version, each size has its own structure, fine-tuned for optimum performance in combination with the width of the specific profile for that size, the proportions of the compound and the arrangement of the tread pattern.  Additionally, the structure of the SP is optimised for street use, so also for long distances in a straight line on motorways.

The Diablo Supercorsa SP V4 is dual compound both at the front and the rear, while the Diablo Supercorsa SC V4 is available in three compounds for both the front and rear:

SC1 – Front: maximum feeling / Rear: top performance with high temperatures and not very abrasive asphalt.
SC2 – Front: maximum stability and consistency / Rear: consistent performance and ideal for low temperatures or extremely abrasive asphalt.
SC3 – The race-for-fun choice for extended track sessions, but not intended for professional racing use.

Front tyre additional features:

– The first Diablo Supercorsa tyre to adopt two compounds at the front.
– Layout with a central and base compound paired with a second compound on the tyre shoulders.
– The base compound, which covers the entire profile of the tyre and emerges coming into contact with the asphalt at the central section, is full-silica and extremely versatile, providing thermal stability and ensures consistent performance in both cold and hot temperatures.
– The compound of the shoulders is the same one used in the SC3 racing version, in 100% carbon black formulation, and it is capable of ensuring outstanding handling and maximum grip even at full lean.

Rear tyre additional features:

– Compared with the front, this has a softer central compound and a wider side, but still maintains the same base compound of the front in support of the two compounds in contact with the asphalt.
-The central compound is 100 percent carbon black and optimised to work effectively in a broad range of temperatures because it provides grip and quick heating in various conditions. Additionally, it ensures stability at high speeds and resistance.
– The compound used on the shoulders is the same as the one used on the front, so SC3, for maximum power coming out of corners.
– The base compound, which is beneath the two compounds that are in contact with the asphalt, has a 100 percent carbon black formulation and was designed to work in the best possible way with the other two compounds, providing thermal stability and a better feeling for the rider.

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