News 22 May 2009

ASBK: Johnson confirmed for Procon Motologic Honda

Response Racing press release:

Johnson's CBR600RR has support from Motologic, Procon, Response and Motobet

Johnson's CBR600RR has support from Motologic, Procon, Response and Motobet

Wayne Hepburn of Procon Racing is now the biggest team in the ASBK and as a development team. Their potential can be the greatest influence our sport has seen this decade. When someone with the passion of Wayne Hepburn comes along with a long term vision for the growth of our sport he needs to be supported any way possible and Response Racing is willing to do anything we can both personally and professionally to help Wayne achieve his team’s goals.

Procon Motologic Development Team has depths of talent in its rider line up, however it was lacking in an experienced talented champion to guide that depth of talent to its full potential and this was something that Wayne was actively working on fixing.

As with most big goals Wayne found he needed some outside help and those that know Wayne are humbled by his nature and do what they can to provide that help to him. Paul and Brad from Motologic offered as much support as they could afford, Wayne found some more budget to run a previous Australian Champion and Response Racing has supplied a new 2009 Honda CBR600RR.

Shannon Johnson returns to contest the 2009 ASBK Supersport Championship on a Motologic prepared Procon funded Response Racing owned 2009 Honda CBR600RR and everyone involved has high hopes of Shannon being on the podium at every race for the rest of the season.

As this hits the motorcycling websites Shannon has been shaking down the new bike at Winton with most of the Procon Motologic Development Team.

Queensland Raceway will be an interesting place to be next weekend.