News 18 Sep 2009

Review: Ixon Revolution Fever jacket

Ixon’s Revolution Fever jacket is one of the most technically advanced textile jackets ever made. We put it through its paces.


The Ixon Revolution Fever jacket is great in both winter and summer

When it comes to jackets when riding on the road, safety is paramount of course, but finding a comfortable solution is also vital since there are many varieties of conditions that you’re likely to find yourself riding in.

Decisions aren’t easy when you have to keep in mind both summer and winter months, and finding a suitable jacket that you can wear in both is a challenging prospect at times.

That’s where Ixon’s Revolution Fever jacket comes into play, because this textile jacket features no less than four options to transfer it for a range of weather conditions.

You can check out all of the features of the jacket in our release story right here on, but to put it simply, this jacket talks a big talk and easily lives up to the hype.

I received the Revolution Fever a couple of months ago when it was on the cold side and enjoyed the benefits of the full layers, while as it’s beginning to heat up I’ve enjoyed the flexibility in disposing of the layers for extra ventilation.

This is what the Revolution Fever looks like standard...

This is what the Revolution Fever looks like standard...

To be honest, when the jacket arrived I removed the thick winter lining before I even rode with it because it looked quite bulky, but a couple of cold afternoons later I found myself buttoning the layer back in and taking full advantage of its warmth.

Some days it was quite steamy and forced me to remove it for the next, but the ideal part in all of this is that it’s so painless to remove and attach each lining that it’s no hassle whatsoever if it’s cold one day and hot the next.

To remove the winter lining you simply unzip two zippers and unbutton a couple of buttons and the thickest liner is gone, and then you’re left with the waterproof liner to dispose of next – which is a simple button removal system again.

After that then you’re down to the core part of the jacket, but don’t stop there if you’re looking for more air circulation, because sections of the arms, front and back of the jacket are removable to leave a vented mesh jacket.

This is what it looks like stripped externally...

This is what it looks like stripped externally...

One of the greatest aspects of this jacket is that even though you’re removing all of these sections, the main safety pads (and there are plenty) are retained in the shoulders, elbows and back, meaning that you’re not losing any of the safety features of the jacket when you strip it down.

Note that the back protector featured as standard equipment is CE approved, as are the protectors in the elbows and shoulders.

Comfort-wise it’s surprisingly good considering so many pieces are removable, each step along the way has proven just as comfy as the option before, and I’m now at the stage of getting close to removing the outside sections for the full ventilation set-up as summer sets in.

The high collar with neoprene neck roll took a while to get accustomed to completely, especially with the winter liner inserted, but it was well worth it when it was cooler, and now that it’s warm then I have no complaints with the winter lining gone.

This internal winter layer is removable

This internal winter layer is removable

Its fit is snug and fitted, which I very much prefer over looser fitting jackets, and you can tighten up the fit with two options for buttons placed on the arms and waste. It also has zips and loops to connect to any pants.

Adjustable Velcro wrist straps make it possible to fit your gloves in the inside whether they’re compact or bulky.

An assortment of pockets both on the exterior and interior are a great benefit, and are retained whether you’re wearing the jacket completely fitted out for winter or if it’s at its bare minimum for summer.

When I first saw the press release regarding the Fever Revolution jacket I was a little confused, wondering how Ixon could possibly make a jacket with so many variables that isn’t a complete pain to operate and adjust.

This removable internal section ensures you remain 100% dry

This removable internal section ensures you remain 100% dry

On first sight I realised it was pretty straight forward and very effective in its design, and now that I’ve lived with it for a few months I can admit that it’s one of my favourite pieces of riding gear for the street – and continues to get better as I strip it down for summer.

It’s technically advanced, but it’s the jacket’s simplicity in doing so many things well that has won me over, and you can’t argue with the look of it in all modes of operation.

We’ll keep you updated once summer fully sets in to let you know how it performs in the heat.

For now though, looking for the one jacket to use year-round? Don’t look past the Ixon Revolution Fever. You can take my word for it.

Gobert enjoyed the Revolution Fever on Ducati's Streetfighter

Gobert enjoyed the Revolution Fever on Ducati's Streetfighter


Sizes: S-3XL
Available colours: Black/White; Black/Red
Price: $549.95
Distributor: Ficeda Accessories

+ Year-round comfort
+ Easy to operate
+ Looks the goods

– Possibly lose pieces