News 27 Nov 2009

Review: Vemar VSRE Curtain replica takes Vemar’s VSRE Curtain replica helmet for a product test - a top value option for just $449.00.

Vemar's Curtain replica VSRE helmet in black.

Vemar's Curtain replica VSRE helmet in black.

Helmets are one of the most personalised pieces of gear when riding a motorcycle, with important factors including comfort, functionality and the look of the lid just a few things that we take into consideration when looking to spend out hard earned.

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford the expensive top of the line helmets in the market place, then Vemar’s VSRE range distributed by NF Importers in Australia is a smart option for you.

Available for $449.00 in the replica colour scheme of Australian Kevin Curtain when he raced World Supersport in 2007, the Vemar on test this week has a great graphic scheme that’s available in black, blue or red.

You can also purchase the VSRE helmets in replica colours of MotoGP rider Alex de Angelis, or a colourful Powder Puff version – these two going for a recommended retail price of $469.00.

The outside shell of the VSRE is made of a tri-compound material (carbon, aramidic fibre, fibreglass), in two different measurements – a smaller shell for size range XXS to M and a larger shell for L to XL sizes.

Internally, the shell is made of controlled density EPS for higher more progressive impact absorption, incorporating a removable liner made of breathable fabric with A.S.P. (Antimicrobical Sanitized Protection) treatment.

The visor is made of high impact resistance 2.2mm polycarbonate with anti-fog/anti-scratch treatment, which is designed for safety and also to ensure clear vision.

There are plenty of vents on hand for the helmet with the V.K.S. Vemar Klima System used, featuring an adjustable upper vent, upper heat expulsion channels, adjustable front chin vent, double lateral stabilisers with negative pressure design for suction of hot air form the helmet plus two more negative pressure stabilizers at the rear of the helmet.

It also comes with a carry bag and an assortment of different tint visors are available as an accessory.

Now that we have all the technical features out of the way, you probably want to know how it stacks up…

To start with from the outset, my head shape isn’t 100 percent suited to the VSRE. That’s not to say it’s a bad helmet, because there are many helmets that don’t fit on particular head shapes, but there are a few points where the shell feels slightly small even though it’s in my usual size.

Despite that slight problem, I have continued to wear the helmet in my regular rotation largely due to its great venting, which comes in extremely handy as the weather starts to heat up.

All of the vents are easily adjustable and create plenty of air flow throughout the helmet, and I’d have to say this is by far the greatest aspect of the Vemar helmet.

Curtain’s graphic design looks the goods on the helmet, with the air vents at the top and stepped rear of the helmet adding to the look of the helmet with a nice shape to top it off.

The visor locks in via a small pin on the left-hand side, although there was minor amounts of wind that still made it through the rubber-based seal at higher speeds during the test.

The standard visor tends to fog a bit in the colder weather, while the darker visor that was delivered as an accessory tended to remain clearer – perhaps because I was wearing it on sunnier, warmer days.

In saying that, you can’t argue with the vision enabled through the visor section, with plenty of room for you to see both upwards and downwards, as well as to the left and right without any issues.

Either way, for under $500.00 you have to be happy with the quality of the Vemar VSRE, because you’re getting a heck of a lot of bang for your buck even if it’s not quite at the level of a $1000-plus helmet.

Overall, Vemar won me with the look of the Curtain replica, the black and white colour combination proving a perfect combo for testing the wide variety of bikes that us moto-journos are lucky enough to swing our legs over.

Sizes: XXS-XL
Available colours: Curtain replica in black, red or white; De Angelis replica; Powder Puff
Price: Curtain replica $449.00; Others $469.00
Distributor: NF Importers

+ Graphics
+ Venting
+ Removable lining

– Fit for AG’s head!
– Fogging