News 11 Dec 2009

Review: Berik Alien Jacket

Berik’s leather Alien Jacket is a good compromise between comfort and safety, reviewed on

berik-alien-frontBerik has a rich racing pedigree when you scroll through world and national championship series around the globe, producing quality Italian-designed leathers for the some of the best racers in the business.

That quality stems directly over to its off-the-shelf street line of riding apparel, with the Alien leather jacket living up to expectations as we crossed from spring into the summer months.

Made of cow hide leather with a breathable Polyester mesh inner-lining, the fit of Berik’s Alien jacket makes for a comfortable ride both in the riding position or when off the bike as well.

It’s unique in the fact that the jacket has bionic stretch components in large sections throughout, adding to the comfort of the jacket and making it that bit more manoeuvrable when wearing as the panels have a bit more give than the traditional leather jacket.

Featuring stretch leather panels underneath the armpits also adds to the comfort of the jacket.

berik-alien-rearThe Alien styling is available as a race suit, and the jacket is noted in Berik’s specifications as having a ‘race collar’, which sits tall, but remains soft and hasn’t caused any discomfort to my neck at any time.

Fabric on the jacket is reflective for greater visibility on the street at night, while it has CE protectors in both the shoulders and elbows in case of a crash for extra protection. There is foam padding in the hip areas as well.

For those who have pants then you’ll be pleased to note that it’s got a connecting zip, although I never have tested this aspect of the jacket with any of my riding pants so far.

Speaking of zippers, all work freely and with good effect, and the way that you tighten the arm cuffs with a quick zip and easy Velcro strap is simple, but very effective in its operation compared to come jackets with buttons, etc.

There are four pockets in total on the Alien, two external and two internal, which is again a simple way of doing something so well.

The Berik Alien Jacket is Italian quality.

The Berik Alien Jacket is Italian quality.

At $799.95 it’s up there with some of the most expensive jackets on the market, but there isn’t much to complain about for the quality and comfort that you’re going to get with the purchase.

I’d say Berik’s hit the design brief of the jacket perfectly.

Sizes: 48-62
Available colours: Black/White
Price: $799.95
Distributor: Ficeda Accessories

+ Comfort
+ Plenty of stretch panels
+ Premium safety

– Expensive, but worth it