News 7 Oct 2010

Notice: Road race forum posts

I have been keeping a close eye on the posts submitted in the Road Chat community while in France. It's time a lot of you realise that the in-fighting and negative comments posted on here by many is detrimental to the sport.

Most of the comments posted over the last week are a joke. I do realise that many are just reactions to some purposely stirring, but from now on any contributions about road racing will be highly scrutinised.

Not only does it take away from the sport, but it makes this website look like a zoo and I put too much effort into the content side of it to have it ruined by people posting rubbish for no real reason. If you want to make a certain point to promoters or governing bodies then contact them directly.

I also know that Forums are a bit more exciting with some controversy, but many people do comment that there are good discussions on here compared to others, so keep it clean and build a decent community rather than scaring off any potential new members, etc.