News 20 Oct 2010

Reedy's thoughts on Villo and Super X

I saw Reedy has been Tweeting about Villopoto skipping Super X tonight…. interesting!

Villopoto said this about skipping Super X:
“I am really disappointed that I can no longer come to Australia to race in front of all of the supercross fans there and I apologise to any I have let down. If I was fit to race I would be there in a heartbeat because I was genuinely so excited about checking out the country and competing there.”

Here’s what Reed said on Twitter @CRtwotwo:
“Why is it so hard for people to be honest and say it the way it is?. I would totally understand and respect if RV just said 2011 is priority…not some bullshit story especially after he “invited” racerx out to the track for filming and he runs a 5k marathon…let’s be honest a Superx title means a hell of a lot more than racing a one of race. And for what it’s worth I think RV is doing the right thing just say it like it is. Flying 14 hours here and back a month before SX doesn’t make sense at all and is very tough to do trust me :)”

What do you guys think???