News 27 Oct 2010

Mosig on Damage Control tonight!

I found this one… Kade Mosig will be on Channel Seven's Damage Control at 10pm tonight.

Here's the info:
10:00pm – Wednesday, October 27 on Seven

DAMAGE CONTROL looks at elite sportsmen and sportswomen from a variety of sports whose careers are undone through injury. We follow them from the moment of tragedy through surgery, rehab, and track their return to top line sport.

On tonight's episode –
Liam Anthony is one of the young guns of North Melbourne Australian Rules team – always hungry for the ball. He smashes his shoulder when hit from behind while taking a high mark. North's Doctor Con Mitropoulos 'pops' the shoulder in at the game, but the damage needs surgery to repair the joint. After surgery, Liam amuses the team with his post op hallucinations. However, it's his effort to get back on the field before the end of the season that has the doctors really talking.

Ben Ross (Part 1) was once one of the highest paid men in Australian Rugby League. A talented and tough forward playing for Cronulla & Qld, he was famous for his charging runs and crunching tackles. In the first game of the 09 season Ross fell awkwardly in a tackle, and smashed a disc in his neck. His surgeon later told him he was a whisker off being a quadriplegic. 12 months and 3 surgeries later Ben never gives up hope he'd be playing league again. His wife Renai has doubts, but Ross won't be deterred. He joins South Sydney after Cronulla decline to renew his contract. He's finally given the go ahead to play, provided his bone grafts heal a little better. After nearly losing the ability to walk, and a 12 month lay-off, he's now just 4 weeks away from smashing his body again.

Kade Mosig is an up and coming Super X motorcycle rider (Super Cross is a more extreme and commercial version of Motor X) with his eye on the big dollars to be made in the USA. Riders than can make upwards of $7 million a year if they're good enough. In a racing accident he falls on his knee and snaps his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the knee's main stabiliser. Remarkably, he can still ride, but knows he's at risk. Tragically, he falls again, and succumbs to surgery to fix his knee before permanent and irretrievable damage is done. Normal recovery for knee operations is 6 months, but Kade needs to be back competing in just 3, so he opts for a radical artificial ligament that his doctors' claim will have him back competing in just 6 weeks.