News 27 Oct 2010

Super X ruins Newcastle turf?

I was just watching the news on Seven and saw they're claiming the Super X caused $500,000 worth of damage to the turf at Energy Australia Stadium.

Apparently it's caused a soccer game to be cancelled this weekend and puts David Beckam's trip to Australia next month with the LA Galaxy in jeapordy since they were supposed to play at EAS.

I also saw this in a Newcastle newspaper story:
Asked if the Knights would seek compensation from Super X promoters Global Action Sports, Burraston said: "We will be pursuing them, no question, but in the interim, this is not something we expected . . . We're apologetic to the Jets and the FFA and we will take every action we can to repair the ground as quickly as possible and to help them in whatever way we can." A spokeswoman for Global Action Sports declined to comment.