News 28 Jan 2011

Review: Ogio Atiba Mini camera backpack reviews Ogio’s Atiba Mini camera backpack on our U.S. Tour.

In an era of digital cameras, photography is becoming a common hobby for many motorcycle riders, enthusiasts and general fans who enjoy taking snap shots of the sport.

In order to bring to fans worldwide each and every day, we require a heap of equipment and accessories to get us through. Travelling to events and races around the world is where Ogio’s Atiba Mini camera backpack really comes in handy for us.

Since we are currently in America on the U.S. Tour 2011, what better time to do a review than right now when we’re using the backback more than ever before!


What’s Hot…
Featuring a spacious main compartment with adjustable velvro partitions to stabilise camera equipment, this is what obviously makes the Ogio Atiba Mini what it is.

It’s designed so it’s all completely customisable to your requirements, and in our case, we have a Canon 7D, a 100-400 lens, a 24-105 lens, flash, Sony Handycam, microphone and accessories for all items fitted into the bag.

The multiple interior zippered pockets hold an exceptional amount of product, which is where we place our power cords amongst the computer connections, etc.

That’s a fair load of equipment to be carting around in one bag, but the Atiba Mini steps up to the plate and works a treat on all occasions. It’s heavy, but the shape of the bag – mostly because it’s not too tall – means you can comfortably strap it to your back for lengthy time periods. The sternum strap and ‘deluxe back padded support’ also attribute to being able to carry the weight.

Also featured is a cool ‘Shower Cap’ weather protection cover, plus a fleece lined audio pocket with headphone exit port so you can listen to tunes on the go. As with all Ogio products, there are ‘On product’ tech spec symbols to indicate where various pieces of equipment are intended to go.

There is an elastic strap on each side of the bag, which comes in super handy for carrying your tripod around events. It’s probably not ideal to carry the tripods onto planes, but I guess you could always give it a go…

A pair of large zip compartments on the front of the bag also make good use for carry extras whether it be additional camera accessories or random bits and pieces you may need for your travels.


What’s Not…
What’s not so good in this particular item is a tough one to complete, basically since the Atiba Mini backpack meets its intended uses almost perfectly.

It’s not the largest camera bag at 16” high, 13” wide and 10” deep, however if you want more room then you can always go for the Ogio Ty Video backpack.

Other specs include that the Atiba Mini has a capacity of 31.4L, weighing 1.09 kilograms empty.

Give it an A+ or 10/10 – whatever you prefer. For what we require here at and considering the Ogio Atiba Mini camera backpack meets all its promised intentions, we seriously can’t fault it. In fact, we couldn’t imagine life without it!

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Price: $134.95 RRP
Available: Now
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