News 12 Jul 2011

Honda to release NSF250R race bike in Australia this year

All-new HRC Moto 3-style road racer set to make waves upon release this December.

Honda will release its NSF250R in Australia later this year.

Honda will release its NSF250R in Australia later this year.

Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) has developed an all new racing machine, the NSF250R which is expected in Australia in December 2011.

Building on the technology cultivated in the RS125R, Honda has reached new competitive heights in the 250cc racing class.

An all-new liquid cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder, DOHC, 249cc engine has been specifically designed to be lightweight and compact while delivering high output.

The NSF250R racing machine incorporates a front-intake/rear-exhaust configuration with high charging efficiency in order to achieve high output and excellent responsiveness.

To ensure power delivery all the way through the high rpm range, the NSF250R adopts titanium valves for both the intake and exhaust which reduces friction.

A close-ratio six-speed transmission allows gear selection to be optimized over a large variety of racing circuits.

The NSF250R has a compact frame similar to that of the RS125R allowing freedom and nimbleness for effective cornering while revised rigidity balance and shape further enhance its outstanding controllability.

This new-generation road racing machine will be on display as well as test ridden on the track at the 2011 MotoGP Championship at Phillip Island in October and will be officially launched at the Sydney Motorcycle Expo in November, 2011.

The NSF250R with a competitive MSRP of $22,990 can be ordered through Team Honda Racing. Orders close 31 August. Conditions apply.

For enquiries and orders please contact Paul Free, Team Honda Racing on 0418 334 183 or email [email protected].

Production is due to commence on this race model in September, with Australian delivery expected in December, 2011.