News 26 Jul 2011

Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon shaping up for December

The Le Minz 24 Hour is one of the nation's great Scooter races in Australia.

The Le Minz 24 Hour is one of the nation's great Scooter races in Australia.

50cc scooters will be put to the ultimate test of reliability and fuel efficiency in the Insure My Ride Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon, presented by TGB Scooters and the Australian Scooter Festival.

From 12pm on Saturday December 17 to 12pm on Sunday December 18, a handful of teams and even individuals will tackle the arduous challenge at the Gold Coast Parklands venue.

Will the 50cc scooters stand the torture of 24 hours straight at full throttle? And will they live up to their miserly reputation or prove thirsty at the petrol pump.

These are just some of the questions that will be answered at the Insure My Ride Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon, according to Event Manager Mark Petersen.

“The Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon has gained a reputation of the toughest event of its kind in the world,” said Petersen. “Nowhere else do scooter brands get together and participate in such a unique challenge.

“Scooters continue to gain traction as a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly mode of transport, but just how hard can they be pushed?

“We’ll have teams and even individuals testing the limits and seeing which brands and scooters go the furthest on the least amount of fuel or even just make it to the end.

“In the 5 years we’ve been running the event close to 100,000km has been covered by the entrants and less than 5% have failed to finish, mainly due to rider error and not reliability.”

The event will be run on the closed-course Gold Coast Parklands’ go-kart track and scooters will be fitted with transponders to measure distance travelled.

10 teams have already secured their entries into the event and are sparing little expense in preparing their pit areas to the highest standard – semi trailer setups, masseuses and even personal chefs will be on hand.

While the scooter and motorcycle industry makes up the majority of entries, past participants have included V8 Supercar drivers and Australian Superbike riders as well as TV and radio personalities, amongst others.

Visitors are welcome to attend with free entry for the duration of the event.

The Insure My Ride Le Minz 24 Hour Scooterthon is a prelude to the Australian Scooter Festival which will be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre from 17-19 Feburary, 2012, in conjunction with the Australian Motorcycle Expo.

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