News 12 Sep 2011

SHARK Vision-R Stripes helmet released in Australian dealers

Ficeda sent us this information on the new SHARK Vision-R Stripes helmet.

Ficeda sent us this information on the new SHARK Vision-R Stripes helmet:


With the Vision-R, SHARK is able to offer a new vision concept on full face helmets, with its panoramic shield incorporating multiple patented innovations created for a better and safer customer use: See all the road!

It is all about merging the wide visor aperture of an open face helmet with the benefits of new generation of full face helmets. Together
with the new visor movement, the new patented antifog system, the new anti UV 400 sun shield, and also the “Easy fit” system allowing for
a simple fitment of glasses.

A wide angle vision
The Vision -R has been developed from one idea: vision… see better, see more, see further, see whatever lies ahead, locate those factors that might affect the safety of the rider. The quality of a riders vision-R remains one of the main items for riding safe and securely on two wheels.

What makes the Vision -R different is the panoramic visor aperture that offers the greatest « wide angle » currently available on the market.
Against common visor apertures, the Vision-R gives +25% more global vertical vision and +10% more horizontal vision.

SHARK design engineers have designed this helmet with one target in mind: Riding with maximum safety whilst still enjoying maximum pleasure? The Vision -R goes a long way to answering this question as it is today, the only full face helmet combining a vision field close to an open face, with the safety of the latest generation of fibre construction, full face helmets.

Autoseal System
The Auto seal system is a SHARK patented visor mecanism that enables, in the closed position, a perfect fit against the visor seal. Benefits
are numerous: better noise reduction, less cold air and watertight.

Rapid Anti Fog system
SHARK patented, the Rapid Anti Fog system commands the visor to open in to a ajar position to avoid misting. Its ergonomically
designed to enable easy use with gloves.

Anti scratch / anti fog coating re-activable
SHARK has optimized the duration of the Vision -R shield with its new anti scratch / anti fog coating which can be re-activated. The re-activation is achieved by cleaning with SHARK solution. Guaranteed four years.

Easy fit Glasses system
The Vision-R takes into account the increasing number of riders wearing corrective glasses. The comfort padding has been developed
to accept all types of spectacles.

Sunshield 2.2 mm UV 400 label
The Vision -R is also equipped with a sunshield of 2.2 mm, labeled UV 400. This sunshield, protecting the cornea from UV rays, avoids
the squinting generally associated with brutal luminosity changes.

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