News 26 Oct 2011

Moriwaki accessories available nationally for Honda CBR250R

Boost your ride's performance thanks to Moriwaki Engineering.

Honda sent us the following information on Moriwaki parts available for the CBR250R:

Moriwaki exhausts look great and boost performance of the Honda CBR250R.

Moriwaki exhausts look great and boost performance of the Honda CBR250R.

Enhance your Honda CBR250R with specially tailored accessories from Moriwaki Engineering. Available at Honda Dealerships nationally, Moriwaki accessories are high quality performance parts designed with race bred engineering.

Moriwaki Exhaust systems utilise renowned Moriwaki technology that has been developed from years of racing experience. All exhaust systems in the CBR250R range are dramatically lighter than the standard systems.

This reduction in weight improves the power to weight ratio as well as driveability and fuel consumption. Maintenance is minimised as these Moriwaki exhaust systems have been approved by the Japanese domestic homologation meaning they require almost no maintenance even after years of use.

The exhaust range designed for Honda’s CBR250R includes a Zero SS Titanium Full Exhaust System which is manufactured from prominent quality titanium and is the best quality system.

A Zero SS Stainless Steel Full Exhaust System which has a distinctive sound and draws out the engine potential to its peak due to its well thought out layout.

A Zero SS Slip-On Exhaust System which is a combination of the standard part performance and Moriwaki technology creates an alternative feeling for riders, in addition this system is easy to install.

Other items in the Moriwaki range include a back step kit which enhances handling, a fork top bridge which decorates the CBR250R cockpit, a front fork pre-load adjuster making changes to the front fork possible, a frame hole plug with the traditional Moriwaki logo and a lightweight handle kit made from aluminium material.

Honda’s all-new CBR250R was released early 2011 and delivers a fine balance of agile handling, sleek sports styling and renowned Honda performance.

The Moriwaki accessories tailored specifically for Honda’s CBR250R are all priced competitively. See your Honda Dealership for more information.

Visit for details online or call the Dealer Locator on 1 300 1 HONDA.