News 31 May 2012

Surface upgrades to be tested this weekend at the ‘Paperclip’

ASBK to debut on Queensland Raceway's brand new track surface.

Glenn Allerton is certain QLD's new surface will suit his BMW following a positive test.

The QBE Australian Superbike Championship will make its anticipated debut on Queensland Raceway’s brand new track surface when round five fires into life tomorrow.

ASBK competitors will ride onto a vastly different surface this weekend, with track upgrades ironing out many of the vicious bumps and dips that formerly characterised the 3.12km layout.

With the new surface, lap records are predicted to tumble, and the country’s leading contenders are determined to lower the benchmark.

“The new surface up there has really changed the track – a lot of the bigger bumps are gone so I’d say we could see the lap record being challenged if the conditions are right,” former dual champion Jamie Stauffer predicted.

Last year’s runaway champion, Allerton has pin-pointed Queensland Raceway as a favourite circuit and says he feels confident ahead of the weekend’s races. He’s also tested at the ‘Paperclip’ and is certain it suits his S 1000 RR.

“We’ve made really good headway with the bike setup and I enjoy racing at Queensland Raceway so all signs are positive,” said Allerton.

“A win isn’t far away, the new surface should suit us pretty well and the Procon Maxima BMW should be quick.

“Two of the three remaining rounds are here in Queensland so it will be a good chance for me to bridge the gap to Josh [Waters] and Wayne [Maxwell].”

Team Suzuki’s new recruit a Ben Attard admitted that he struggled for grip when testing earlier this year on the new surface.

“We’ll be racing on the new surface which we have tested on, but it was a few months ago now and it didn’t have much grip,” he said.

The current qualifying lap record sits at 1:08.647 from July in 2008, set by Suzuki’s three-time champion Shawn Giles.