Products 1 Feb 2013

Berik collection meets CE standard for 2013 range

Berik introduces a comprehensive range of race suits, two-piece suits and jackets.

Ficeda sent us the following information on its 2013 Berik line:

Arriving in February, Berik is pleased to present a comprehensive range of race suits, two-piece suits and jackets that comply with the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Directive 89/686 to meet or exceed the EN13595:2002 CE standard for protective clothing.

“To have nearly the entire collection CE certified to EN13595 is a great achievement!” said Ficeda general manager Matt Dowd. “And even more so, we are pleased to be able to offer CE certified products at all price points. Motorcyclists don’t need to compromise on safety anymore because of incredibly high prices.

“It’s important that people have a choice to wear safe products, no matter if you’re just getting into motorcycles, or you’re racing for a factory outfit, No longer is it adequate enough to supply products with only CE certified elbow, knee or shoulder protectors

The PPE Directive requires that design aspects of the protective equipment be assessed to ensure that adequate protection is provided and no additional hazards are introduced, the standards set out by EN13595:2002 assess protective equipment in area’s regarding abrasion resistance, cut resistance, burst strength and chemical content etc.

All of this culminates in a product that has been proven to perform in conditions that are likely to occur in a motorcycle accident.

The 2013 Berik collection is available at all good motorcycle stores from mid-February.