Features 13 May 2013

Social Spotlight: Chas Hern

CM Racing Team co-owner and rider Chas Hern tells us more about the photo posted on the team's Facebook page.

In this edition of Social Spotlight, CycleOnline.com.au catches up with Chas Hern to find out more about his photo posted on Facebook.

Facebook: CM Racing Team
And finally we have a GSX-R back together… Sydney here we come.


That bike’s all back up and ready to go. We had a chance to run it in at the Creek, and now we’re just getting it all ready to do the test day with the factory teams up at Queensland. It’s been pretty flat out. Obviously we had the engine that needed re-building after it went pop in the second race.

Phil Tainton has put some hours in there in re-building that. Racer’s Edge was able to get us out a new set of fairings, which are at the painters at the moment. It’s been hard, there’s plenty going on at the team. We had the girls ride day last week, with all five of the 250 proddies out there, and then Brandon [Demmery] racing the Interclub series. It’s just been go, go go, since Tassie.

We’re back on track now so we’re really looking forward to the test. We had another trailer stolen from the team a few weeks ago, so something really is up against us, but we’ve been working hard and we’re confident that we’ll be competitive again at Queensland Raceway.

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