Features 7 Aug 2014

Five Questions Why: Matt Davies

Experienced young Aussie on plans for world championship return.

The youngest ever rider to campaign a season in the World Supersport Championship, New South Welshman Matt Davies made the move home to Australia after five years abroad at the end of 2013 to reassess the options that lay ahead of him. After linking with the renowned YRD Yamaha support program for a handful of domestic events, Davies recently confirmed a return to the world championship in a three-race program with Andy Offer. CycleOnline spoke with Matt to ask him a series of questions beginning with ‘Why’.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Why did you choose to run a 600 in Formula Oz at Winton last weekend?

Pretty much just because I’m practicing for the MotoGP supports when I get home. I’ve only had two rides on a road bike lately and I sort of want to dial myself in with the bike I’ll be riding in the Supersport class there, with those tyres, and stuff like that. Otherwise I’d be swapping and changing things and not really be dialled in with the bike. It was a tough weekend at Winton but gave us that extra time to prepare.

Why did you choose to return to Australia this year after so many years abroad?

Probably to save a bit of money but also because I had a few offers there [overseas] but nothing I was really interested in. We got on to Yamaha which was probably my best option for a ride, with YRD. But yeah, this year was a chance to recoup a bit of money and refocus. Like you say I’d been overseas for a long time and the change was a good thing.

Why do you feel the return to World Supersport can be a factor in re-igniting your international career?

I want to keep my name out there so people don’t forget about me, as such. I don’t want people thinking I’ve disappeared or given it up. I think it’s good to keep that level of contact and involvement. I really do want to go well, because last year was such a hard year. I want to go back and satisfy myself, I think. I have the knowledge of the tracks which is something that has to build up over that time. I’m looking forward to this next challenge, and seeing where it can take me. I think the break away has done me good. I guess you could say it was just good to be able to be a kid, and do all the things with my mates I haven’t been able to do for the last five or so years. It was good to get back home, and now I’m here working with mum and dad. This time has made me realise what I really want to do and that’s be back overseas. I’ve been training really hard for it and can’t wait for it. But the time has definitely made me realise where I want to go with my life.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Image: Russell Colvin.

Why is Honda your choice of World Supersport package?

I felt like the Honda was a really good handling bike. This time around it is more the team owner, Andy’s choice, moreso because they had the bikes from last year. It was just the bike he wanted to use. The offer he had given me it wouldn’t have bothered me what bike I was going to be on, it’s just good to be getting back over there. Being on the familiar bike is a bit of a bonus too.

Why do you love to ride?

Just the whole fact that it’s your own thing, just you and the bike. Once you’ve got your helmet on you’re just in that zone. I love riding any bike. It’s good to clear the head and a good time to think about stuff, in general. I’m lucky to have had some success and be able to try to make a future doing what I love.