News 1 Oct 2014

Suzuki unveils 2015 GSX-S1000 nakedbike

GSX-S1000F sports-touring model also available in the new year.

Source: Suzuki.

Source: Suzuki.

Suzuki has released the eagerly anticipated GSX-S1000 nakedbike and GSX-S1000F sports-tourer.

Based on the previous generation GSX-R, the GSX-S is Suzuki’s first foray into the aggressive end of the nakedbike market while the F model is a new direction for the brand.

Powered by the ’05 generation GSX-R1000 999cc engine, Suzuki has tuned this nakedbike for the street by giving the engine less aggressive camshaft profiles.

The change in engine performance sees more useable low rpm performance, while three engine modes, ABS and traction control are part of Suzuki’s new engine management system for the GSX-Ss.

The chassis may look like it’s off the GSX-R1000, but it is slightly more relaxed in its dimensions and carries the same high-spec running gear with Brembo brakes and KYB front end.

The styling of both machines draws heavily from the GSX-R1000 and there is added suitability for road riding in the GSX-S1000F with a full fairing and adjustable screen.

Both models are due to be on showroom floors in autumn 2015 with pricing announced in the new year.