News 5 Dec 2014

Demmery and Motul continue a winning trend

Demmery takes out the FX300 Ninja Cup at both the 2014 Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike Championship.

Noise Guard Racing rider Brandon Demmery has kept Motul on top of the podium as he took out the FX300 Ninja Cup at both the 2014 Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike Championship and the 2014 YMF Loan Yamaha Australian FX Superbike Championship.

Demmery finished the FX Superbike Championship a whopping 59 points clear of his closest rival, while in the Swann Series, a win in the final race of the series handed him the narrowest of victories.

But come out victorious he did, and the 2014 champion did it with the support of Motul throughout the entirety of both series.

Speaking about the challenges of racing at every round, Demmery said that he was overjoyed to take home both titles, and that he couldn’t have done it with Motul’s support.

“It was a pretty exciting weekend and I was very happy to win it after a long hard season. For it to come down to the wire, it was pretty good to finally come out the victor,” he said.

“Racing is a very expensive sport – we put every single cent we have into racing, so it’s tough to get the bike up to a level of the guys in the teams that have crew members who work on the bike throughout the week.

“We have jobs and we have other commitments, so we work on the bikes in our free time, so support from Motul to be able to run the bike as well as we can each time, and getting the best gear in it makes it the best bike out there and capable of winning championships.”

Demmery praised the Motul products used by the team, which helped to transform his racing season into a multi-championship winning campaign.

“Motul has been a massive supporter this year and they’ve helped out with making sure we can get on track each time with the best oils and lubricants in the market,” he said.

“The oil is the lightest out there so it lets the engine spin up really well, nice and free, so it produces heaps of power.

“Motul is the best product on the market – my bike was one of the fastest on the grid and the oil has definitely helped to get the bike performing to 100 percent each time.”