News 15 Dec 2014

Australian Motorcycle Dealer Association established

Formation of the Australian Motorcycle Dealer Association (AMDA) confirmed.

The Australian Motor Industry Federation today announced the formation of the Australian Motorcycle Dealer Association (AMDA).

The revitalisation of national motorcycle representation follows a meeting of State and Territory Motor Trades Associations and Automobile Chambers of Commerce and their respective Motorcycle Industry Divisions and other prominent motorcycle retailers.

All motorcycle retailer members will, through a Governing Council, be represented nationally on a wide range of issues impacting the motorcycle retail sector.

Stuart Strickland, former managing director, Honda Australia, has been appointed executive chair of AMDA and brings both retail and wholesale experience gained over 40 years in the motorcycle industry.

Richard Dudley, CEO of the Australian Motor Industry Federation, said Stuart’s experience across all sectors of the motorcycle industry will bring balance to discussions with manufacturers, distributors and other entities servicing Australia’s motorcycle industry.

“A professional and sustainable Australian motorcycle retail sector is an important cog in Australia’s economy,” Mr Dudley said.

“The Association will have the ability to represent retailers proactively, effectively and efficiently with all levels of government, business and the community, in its own right by drawing on the considerable resources of the state and territory Associations and as part of the national Federation.”

According to latest Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries data, there are 700 authorised motorcycle dealers, more than 2,000 related motorcycle industry businesses, employing 15,000 Australians which contribute $3.6b to the national economy.